Causes Cough in Babies?

It is very sad for the families that babies are sick and show various symptoms such as cough during the course of these disorders. Cough symptoms can be seen in babies with many diseases. However, it is very important that the babies are taken to the nearest health institution in order to put the underlying cause there and to plan the treatment.

In babies who have difficulty in breathing, the presence of fever of 38 degrees and above on behalf of babies younger than 3 months with the emergence of shortness of breath, difficulty in swallowing, a certain amount of blood with cough, too large tonsils, a certain amount of blood with coughing, difficulties in opening the mouth. is a sign of a visit to a doctor and the presence of an emergency.

How Does Cough Pass In Babies?

Antibiotics are not recommended for cough treatment in babies. Cough syrups are also recommended not to be used as they are harmful for babies. Apart from this, there are methods and herbal methods to be applied naturally at home. By trying these methods, babies’ cough symptoms can be alleviated or completely cured.

– After a hot shower, babies should stay in the bath for a certain period of time. Respiratory tracts are opened thanks to the effect of the steam in the bathroom.

– It is important to keep the respiratory tract moist in the name of dry cough. Fluid consumption will alleviate the symptoms of cough.

– If the environment where the baby is located is very dry, the environment can be moistened by using humidifying devices.

– In babies, the pillow should be raised a little in order to avoid coughing at night. Baby’s breathing is facilitated thanks to the downward discharge.

– With the presence of sputum, the baby can be laid face down and tapped on the back. This reduces the cough by expelling the sputum.

What Is Good For Cough In Babies?

In general, every food or herbal natural method may not be good for babies. In general, cough syrup or antibiotics used for cough are not used and natural solutions are preferred. It is always more logical to choose natural solutions. If the cough is not chronic, it may be possible to resolve on its own after a certain period of time. Some of the solutions that are good for cough in babies;

– Linden Leaf with Quince Leaf: 1 piece of linden leaf is boiled in a glass of water and 1 piece of quince leaf is made warm. This mixture should be strained and given to the baby.

– Black Pepper with Molasses: In this method that relieves the cough, two teaspoons of black pepper are taken into a bowl and mixed. It is then given to the baby. However, it should be noted that this mixture should be given to babies over 1 year old.

– Herbal Tea: In this method, small sliced ‚Äč‚Äčlemon, two cloves, one linden leaf, one cinnamon peel and apple peels are thrown into a bowl. Hot water prepared before is thrown into the container. Then, waiting for the prepared hot water to warm, strain the mixture and drink it to babies. It is a tea that should be given to babies older than 1 year.

It is beneficial to consult the physician before consuming all these mixtures. It may be wrong to give these mixtures to babies under the control of a doctor. However, if the baby has an allergy to any food, this may be harmful for the baby’s health. Therefore, not giving the mixtures before consulting the physician will be beneficial for the health of the baby.

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