It has been determined that the increase in cases of scabies, which can be transmitted through simple contact, has spread as a result of the increase in contact with each other, especially among crowded families, with the coronavirus during the quarantine process. Trabzon Public Health Infectious Diseases Unit Supervisor Dr. Muhammet Ali Yılmaz said, “There is a slight increase in scabies cases this year. The reason for this is that we spend a lot of time with the family in our homes during the pandemic period, “he said.

The recent increase in scabies cases in hospitals draws attention: While the scabies disease, which causes itching and rash in the person, increases especially in autumn and winter, it is stated that the disease is extremely contagious. Scabies, which is very common in the world and occurs as a result of settling in the upper layer of the skin, causes itching due to the progress of the mite by opening tunnels in the skin. The disease, which causes more intense itching at night, brings about rash and scar formation if left untreated.


While scabies can be seen in anyone regardless of personal hygiene, its spread has accelerated due to the coronavirus epidemic, especially in crowded families, due to high domestic contact. Specialists emphasized the importance of early diagnosis and treatment, drawing attention to the scabies disease, which is often thought to be a simple allergy due to itching and cannot be treated because of not going to a doctor on time. With the home quarantine, there has been an increase in scabies cases compared to the previous years, while patients diagnosed with scabies need to be isolated together with their family members and enter the treatment process.


Noting that the error should be taken seriously, Dermatology (Dermatology) Specialist Uzm. Dr. Hikmet Akyazı said, “There are too many applications to our outpatient clinic due to itching, especially during the autumn winter periods. Our patients perceive this as an allergic reaction and sometimes do not even need to go to the physician and thus the disease spreads. We must be careful about itching, especially at night and seen in all family members. Transmission is usually from person to person. We are currently in the full phase of scabies disease. We found that most of those who applied to our outpatient clinic had scabies. The diagnosis is easily made by physical examination. Scabies is spreading in places where people live. If one of the family members is diagnosed with scabies, everyone in the family should be included in the treatment and their connection with people outside should be cut off. When the diagnosis of scabies is made, patients should be isolated at home while taking medication. We have many patients in the same family who say I do not have itching and do not accept treatment. This is why the disease can be repeated again. After the treatment, the house must be disinfected, and the laundry and linens must be washed at a high level, ”he said.


Trabzon Public Health Infectious Diseases Unit Supervisor Dr. Muhammet Ali Yılmaz drew attention to the increase in cases of scabies with the pandemic and said, “The disease has a simple treatment. It is possible to get rid of the disease with hygiene rules and a medical treatment. But everyone in the family should accept the disease and apply the treatment. Otherwise, the disease may recur. We usually encounter this situation. Because after you are treated, it can be seen in another family after 15 days after the incubation period is completed. Since it is a contact-transmitted disease, we should avoid touching points such as door handles, stair handrails, which are used too much. In fact, we avoid contacting these points due to the coronavirus epidemic. We wash our hands frequently, we take care not to touch everywhere. Because we are careful, scabies should not actually exist. However, considering the rates of scabies cases in recent years, there is a slight increase in the number this year. The reason for this is that we spend a lot of time in our homes with the family during the pandemic period. “The disease spreads from one person in the house to all family members,” he said.

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