While hearing is of great importance for individuals of all ages, the mental development of children with hearing problems is negatively affected, and elderly individuals face social incompatibilities.

According to the statement, hearing, which is of great importance, occurs as a result of a complicated process.

In order for hearing to be good, the eardrum must be well ventilated through the eustachian tube of the middle ear, the lining covering the middle ear and called the mucosa must be healthy, the integrity of the ossicular chain must be full and mobile.

Prof. Dr. Nuri Özgirgin reported that hearing loss can develop from birth or may occur later due to some factors.

Expressing that factors affecting the hearing process cause hearing loss to occur, Özgirgin said, “When the ear is examined from the outside to the inside, the eardrum, which is located between the outer ear canal and the middle ear and acts as an organ vibrating with sound waves, is the hammer ossicle that is in close contact with itself. it puts it into action. ” used the expressions.

Stating that the most common problem of the eardrum is rupture or perforation, Özgirgin said, “This may be the result of a trauma or may develop after the pressure of middle ear infections. If other middle ear structures are healthy, it can be up to 35-40 dB due to rupture of the eardrum. 35-40). Hearing loss develops. There are only interventions for the eardrum. If it is a very simple and small tear, it is more likely to heal spontaneously. However, the tears or holes that could not heal within 2-3 weeks should be repaired surgically. ” found the assessment.

Pay attention to middle ear inflammation in children

Özgirgin stated that there are many diseases that will cause hearing loss originating from the middle ear and middle ear inflammation comes first, and warned that children should be more careful.

Emphasizing that the ventilation of the middle ear may be impaired in childhood for various reasons and that when infections originating from the eustachian tube are added to this, diseases called serous otitis media may occur, Özgirgin said:

“This disease usually manifests itself with hearing loss as it does not cause pain, and parents feel hearing loss when their children repeat what they are told or the television loudly turns up too loud. Ventilation tubes that will provide ventilation and drain the inflammation accumulated in the middle ear are attached to the eardrum.Other acute otitis media often respond to antibiotic treatment and with recovery, hearing loss also improves.If there is no damage to the ossicles, the level of hearing loss encountered in middle ear infections It is around 40. “

Özgirgin listed the conditions that remained as sequelae after ear infections as follows:

“Situations in which the ossicles with a hole in the eardrum are intact, where the ossicles with a hole in the eardrum are damaged, situations in which ossicles are lost, chronic diseases where inflammation is located deep in the ear bone (flowing ear), chronic and dangerous diseases called cholesteatoma that damage the ear bone Hearing loss can reach 60 percent in cases where the ossicular chain is broken or cannot function. “

Özgirgin stated that the primary purpose in all these conditions is to clean the inflammation in a way that will not recur, to reconstruct the middle ear, to repair the ossicles or to provide hearing conduction with different methods (using prostheses) and to repair the eardrum.

“Infections during pregnancy can cause hearing loss”

Stating that sensory type hearing losses are congenital or acquired, Özgirgin emphasized that there are usually genetic reasons behind congenital hearing losses.

Özgirgin said, “The infections and drugs used by the mother during pregnancy can also be effective in hearing loss. Acquired ones are the infections that the child has in the early period (especially meningitis). This type of hearing loss is partial, hearing aid, if total, bionic ear application. With the aging of the hearing organ, old age hearing loss is seen and supported by hearing aids. ” used the expressions.

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