Drawing attention to the heart involvement of the coronavirus, Prof. from Cerrahpa┼ča Medical Faculty Cardiology Department. Dr. Hakan Karpuz explained that heart muscle inflammation is frequently seen with this virus. Reminding that the most common complaint in heart patients is chest pain, Prof. Dr. Hakan Karpuz said, “This type of patients with heart disease symptoms came to us with the cardiac complications they were exposed to as a result of the coronavirus. On the other hand, a group of heart patients stayed away from us due to the fear of contagion. Studies conducted in Turkey and the world on such patients have shown that both the aggravation of the disease and There was an increase in death rates during this period,” he said.


Noting that heart patients with coronavirus can have the disease more severely, Prof. Dr. Hakan Karpuz said, “On the other hand, for example, our hypertension patients used their medications quite properly, they did not come unless it was urgent. These and similar patients should apply to the hospital without hesitation if they have important symptoms (especially chest pain and shortness of breath) outside of routine controls; Because not coming can be much more risky than coming. Let’s not forget, new heart patients have been added after the coronavirus, especially we started to see more heart muscle inflammation. Besides, the condition of existing heart patients, which we encounter more, when they get coronavirus, gets worse, especially in young patients, heart muscle inflammation “In the meantime, don’t think that only the elderly people who have the coronavirus can have cardiac problems. We want you to think about this danger for every age group,” he warned.


Stating that he has been actively involved in the field since the beginning of the pandemic, Prof. Dr. Reminding that there are 2 important approaches in the fight against the virus, Watermelon said:

“Either you will not get the virus, or if you do, you will fight the virus. Everyone can do this. Ventilating the environments you are in is one of the most important measures because this virus is transmitted by contact and air. The simplest way to prevent the virus from entering the body is to use a mask. When you wear your mask, you prevent the entry of the virus. “It’s not hard measures, I keep my distance, I wear my mask, I wash and disinfect my hands. When I go into crowded environments, I use a lozenge containing pomegranate peel extract. These have now become my routine and things I do without thinking. So we have to get used to living with it.”


Cardiologist Hakan Karpuz, explaining what people who caught the virus should pay attention to in the fight against the virus despite the measures, said, “If you have not been able to prevent the entry of the virus, you will learn to fight it. It is not very difficult to fight it; yes, there is no medicine for this virus and we need to put it in our heads clearly, but we are not helpless. sleep, nutrition and, if possible, a regular exercise is something everyone can do. Being vaccinated creates confidence in me, it can protect me against the virus, but it does not change the measures I take. Among these measures, for example, as I mentioned before, its effectiveness against the virus has been clinically proven, containing pomegranate peel extract. “You can benefit from preparations in lozenge form as well as nutritional supplements as an additional precaution. Scientific data show that we do not have a significant risk with the vaccine. Both vaccines have proven their competence in different studies conducted to date.”

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