Vaccination studies continue in Turkey during the coronavirus epidemic. Citizens who have been vaccinated question the issues to be considered after vaccination. Citizens in particular; ‘Can you take painkillers after vaccination?’ searches for the answer. Here is the answer to the question of whether drugs such as painkillers and antibiotics can be taken after receiving the Biontech or Sinovac vaccine…

Can painkillers be taken after corona vaccine?

After being vaccinated against the coronavirus, health personnel make some instructions. If you have pain after vaccination, he suggests that you can take painkillers. It is known that the use of drugs containing paracetamol as a pain reliever or antipyretic on the day of vaccination does not reduce the effect of the vaccine.

Can antibiotics be taken after corona vaccine?

According to the information in the Ministry of Health Vaccine Portal, using antibiotics does not pose any obstacle to getting a covid vaccine. In the process of using antibiotics, the application is continued according to the vaccination calendar. According to this; You can get the COVID-19 vaccine while taking antibiotics. However, when the vaccine is administered when there is an infection with fever in the body, the response to the vaccine may decrease. For this reason, it is recommended that people who have a febrile illness should be vaccinated after 48 hours of being without fever, when their complaints subside.

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