For many mothers who are used to being out and working, staying at home and adapting to work from home has been challenging. When the responsibility of their children was added to this adjustment process, staying at home started to make them even more difficult. Mothers who started to have difficulties began to feel aggressive, angry, impatient, and panic. As a result of negative emotions, the number of moments of tension with their children began to increase. What do you think happened at the end? “I’m not a good mother.” A lot of judgmental sentences from inside such as “I can’t get enough of my child”, “I couldn’t even take care of a child” suddenly appeared.

Of course, this may not be the case for some mothers. It may not be exhausting to spend the pandemic process at home for mothers who have no difficulty in managing their situation and can get the support they need. However, this is not the case for some mothers and they feel as if they are inadequate, incompetent, helpless and out of control because of their difficulties. It is very important for mothers who feel belonging to this group to remember that “it is normal to react abnormally to an abnormal situation (pandemic and being at home) all the time.”

If you are going through a period in which you have more difficulties as time passes, if you are at home, spending the whole day with your child, even though you fulfill your responsibilities towards him, do not make your job more difficult by burdening yourself and criticizing yourself. Sometimes the voices from within us are much more destructive than criticized from the outside. Always remember that it is just as important to care for yourself as you work to maintain good care of your child. Many of us don’t know or are unable to care, love, or accept ourselves. Because he couldn’t learn this from his parents. As you do this, you will teach your child to take care of himself. This will definitely be one of the skills he will need most as an adult.

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