Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Tok said that social activities should be organized in a way that does not create crowds, provided that personal protective measures are observed within the scope of coronavirus measures.

Stating that the sea and pools can be used provided that certain rules are followed, Tok said, “However, there are certain rules here, as in many activities. We get questions about whether the coronavirus is transmitted from sea or pool water. Especially in sea water, the probability of transmission of coronavirus is very low. Respiration expelled from the body. When road waste mixes with water, we dilute it thousands of times and reduce its concentration.

In this way, the transmission of the virus is almost impossible. However, one of the rules that we should pay attention to in the sea and pool is the distance. Since there will be no mask when we are in the water in a wet area, all we have to do is not to create crowds, not to organize mass events and to pay attention to our distance. With this condition, we can benefit from the sea and the pools.

The sea and the pool are not a reason for the transmission of the virus. People should pay attention to social distance while using the sea and the pool, and personal protective measures should be followed. “If we follow the social distance and instructions in the sea and pool, there is absolutely no transmission,” he said.

Assoc. Dr. Tok emphasized that the instructions that must be followed in the pool, determined by the Ministry of Health, should be hung especially at the entrance of the pools and where everyone can see them. Pointing out that there should not be the slightest doubt about the rules, Tok said:

“In addition, we should only use our personal sea or pool materials ourselves. If we touch the areas that people touch a lot, especially in the pools, which may be a plastic or steel area. After touching the areas that people come into contact with the most, we should disinfect our hands quickly, and we should disinfect our hands in any area of ​​our body until we disinfect them. We shouldn’t touch.

We must ensure that people who enter the pools, both at the entrance and at the exit, have to take a shower. For this, shower corridors have been created in some areas. By placing several showers side by side, people passing through this area should take a shower and enter the pool. Apart from this, we should pay particular attention to hand and foot cleaning. Let’s not just think of it as coronavirus when entering the pool; For various skin and fungal infections, we should pass by pressing the disinfectant areas in a few meters area with a depth of 10-15 centimeters at the pool entrances so that we can be protected from other fungal infections.

Stating that the facility should be arranged so that 1 person per 4 square meters in the pool area, Assoc. Dr. Tok said, “Social distance and space should be adjusted so that 4 square meters per person in the sea or pool area where there are social facilities other than the pool environment we know, and 1 person per 8 square meters in the pool.

We can achieve this by avoiding mass events. And let’s not forget this; The chlorine concentration of the pool is very important. If the chlorine concentration is not adjusted, let’s not think that the viruses in the pool will not die, not just coronavirus, but we should not forget that other microbes can be transmitted by swallowing water or contacting other people.

The chlorine concentration in the pool water must be adjusted continuously. Since there is salt water in the sea, there is natural protection. In the same way, we should follow the rules by social distance, the use of personal materials only by that person, and staying away from collective activities,” he said.

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