According to studies conducted in the United States and China, tea consumed at temperatures above 65 degrees Celsius increases the risk of esophageal cancer. Stating that research was carried out on 456 thousand people in China, Prof. Dr. Vedat Göral said, “These people have been followed for years.

In the cases followed, it has shown that drinks at 65 degrees and above increase the risk of esophageal cancer. It is necessary not to exceed 65 degrees Celsius.

In America, more than 50 thousand people were followed and the same result was seen here, “he said.

Reminding the incidence of esophageal cancer, Prof. Dr. Vedat Göral said, “According to some authorities in the world, it is 6th and 8th according to some authorities. Therefore, it is a serious disease. It has a genetic background, but there are triggering factors.

According to studies, esophageal cancer is very common in China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan in eastern Turkey, as a large number of tea and hot drinks are consumed.

Especially when tea is consumed at 65 degrees Celsius and above, it has been shown that the risk of esophageal cancer increases. This risk increases even more if smoking and alcohol are consumed together. “If smokers also consume hot tea too much, the risk of cancer increases 2 times, if both cigarettes, hot tea and alcohol, the risk increases 5 times.”

Explaining that the wounds in the esophagus predispose to cancer, Prof. Dr. Göral said, “Therefore, we drink a tea that we cannot even take, that burns when it spills on our skin, and the esophagus suffers.

Therefore, it is necessary to hold the tea for 3-4 minutes before drinking it. When too much hot drink is consumed, sores occur in the esophagus. If this becomes chronic, it may be a trigger of cancer in the long term. However, cigarette and alcohol consumption increases this even more. A lot of hot tea is consumed in eastern Turkey, especially in Erzurum and Van. As it is known in Erzurum, tea is famous and there are people who drink 30 cups of tea a day.

This can be a trigger factor when it comes to smoking, age and genetic factors. It is necessary to consume everything in its dosage without exaggerating the amount of tea. We recommend not to exceed 3-4 cups a day, “he warned.

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