Dermatology Specialist Dr. Sabir Hasanov noted that with the approach of the hot summer months, the self-confidence, social and business lives of some people were adversely affected as a result of excessive sweating, especially in the armpits and palms. Hasanov, stating that there are several treatment methods for excessive sweating, said that patients with this problem can be comfortable with botox treatment throughout the year. Explaining that in hot weather, the heat-regulating mechanisms in the body allow sweating to prevent the body temperature from rising, Dr. Hasanov reported that sweating is actually a healthy response. However, Hasanov stated that some people experience great difficulties in their social and business lives with excessive sweating and said, “Sweating should not be a nightmare. There are several treatment methods for excessive sweating. Usually, a cream or spray is used after the area is thoroughly washed and cleaned. There are two things that the patient should pay attention to after washing, the first is that the washed area should be thoroughly dried before applying the cream, and the second is that it is necessary to sleep in general after applying the cream. These treatments are generally effective as long as they are used, and when they are left, the amount of sweating returns to its former state.


Noting that the second method is the botox method, which is generally used to remove facial mimic wrinkles, Hasanov said:

“This is a treatment option that I like the most and even apply to myself. We also use this method, which we use in aesthetic dermatology, to reduce the severity and frequency of migraine pain, to eliminate or reduce teeth grinding and in the treatment of sweating. The effect of sweating usually starts after 12 hours and the effect is completed in 3-5 days. Permanence is between 4 and 6 months. Roughly speaking, the application made twice a year with an interval of 6 months will make the patient with excessive sweating comfortable throughout that year. This method can be used in the treatment of excessive sweating on the scalp, palms, feet and armpits. The application time varies between 5-10 minutes for each armpit. Therefore, the patient gets rid of excessive sweating in a very short time like 20 minutes, and this effect continues for 4-6 months.”


Stating that the last method is surgical treatments, Hasanov said that surgical treatment options are used for armpit and palm sweating. Noting that there is a pill form treatment option that can be used apart from the 3 main methods he mentioned, Hasanov said, “Talk to your dermatologist and decide which treatment is more suitable for you and what method you should follow. In this process, it may be beneficial to consult with a thoracic surgeon in terms of surgical treatment options. The problem of excessive sweating may be related to personal structure, and it is possible that sometimes there are diseases that may be the underlying cause. In this respect, when necessary, some examinations can be made and the presence of conditions that may cause excessive sweating can be investigated.

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