Cold weather has a positive effect on blood circulation and heart health. While hot air dilates the veins and negatively affects the vein walls, cold air helps to establish balance. At this point, of course, it should not be forgotten that cold also has a dosage. Healthy veins support a healthy heart. For this reason, we need to offer the opportunity to pump fresh oxygen to the body by engaging in activities that speed up the heartbeat in cold weather.

Even when the weather is overcast, the sun’s rays are still supplying vitamin D to your body. For this reason, experts state that it is very important to spend time outside rather than closing home in cold weather. In order not to be deficient in vitamin D, which protects muscle and bone health, you should not neglect to take walks regularly, even if you do not do winter sports.

When the body encounters cold, it starts to make an intense effort to maintain its temperature balance. For this reason, doing sports in cold weather helps speed up the metabolism. Trying to maintain body temperature means spending more energy. Since the body that consumes energy is more active, it becomes more vigorous and durable in all respects.

You may feel depressed due to reasons such as not getting enough vitamin D during the winter months, being caught in boring routines, and feeling very cold due to anemia. The reason for the high rates of depression tendency in cold climates is related to this situation. However, it is in our hands to turn the situation into an opportunity. If you concentrate on outdoor sports that help you not get stuck in cold weather and spend more time in nature, epinephrine, norepinephrine and adrenaline hormones help you secrete happiness hormones.

Some researches show that the fat in the body in cold weather is perceived as fuel and started to be burned. A study by the New York Times reveals that 250 calories can be burned in more than 3 hours. For this reason, while doing fat-burning exercises in hot weather, you may face dehydration problem, while you may prefer to burn calories more easily and more intensely in cold weather.

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