Stating that people with sensitive teeth may experience problems during the holiday, Dentist Arzu Yalnız said, “The Feast of Sacrifice is a period when meat is eaten.

In addition, consumption of sweets, chocolate and acidic foods is increasing. All these negatively affect oral health.

Especially those with caries and gaps in their teeth should be more careful. During this period, increased sweet and meat consumption may increase the formation of caries.

Stating that brushing teeth is not enough, Arzu Yalnız said that more attention should be paid to dental health during the holiday period.

Here are the suggestions of Yalnız who want to protect their dental health: “There is no escape from sweets and meats during the feast. However, my recommendation is to at least brush well between the teeth and drink plenty of water.

Just brushing teeth is not enough. The interface brush should be used to clean the residues. In addition, it should be used on both sides as much as possible while chewing.

Because sometimes due to unilateral chewing, the formation of calculus and caries may increase on the non-chewing side.
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