At the same time, Assoc. Dr. Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Kutlubay stated that approximately 9 million men in Turkey are dealing with baldness and hair loss.

In general, men have more hair loss, but women see this as a cosmetic problem, Kutlubay said, adding that hair loss is more important in Turkey in the west.

Kutlubay said, “Studies have shown that 30 percent of our 30-year-old women have hair loss problems. In our 50-year-old women, this rate slightly increases and reaches 50 percent. As age progresses, this rate can reach up to 70 percent. This is because of the fact. “Hair loss due to hormonal changes due to menopause and decrease in hormones starting from the age of 50. Approximately 12 percent of 30-year-old men have hair loss. However, this rate approaches 40 percent towards the age of 50-60.” he said.

Assoc. Dr. Kutlubay stated that the white race has more hair loss problems around the world and that the most important cause of the problem is genetic factors, and gave the following information:

“Male-pattern baldness is not only seen in men, it is also seen in women, but since women never experience such intense shedding or complete baldness as in men, it is more common in them as hair thinning and thinning. In men, it is seen especially in the entire crown region except the side areas. In this case, the hairline is pulled back from the forehead area.The hair strands become thinner, the hair becomes thinner and thinner, and the hairs that become thinner and shorter over time, in fact, the roots die.The roots do not have any vitality over time.There are approximately 100-120 thousand hair strands at the beginning. And on average, according to our book information, it is normal to shed up to 80-100 strands per day. If a daily shedding exceeds 100 strands, then a serious hair loss has started here. In that respect, we definitely recommend seeing a dermatologist.”

Regular sleep warning with a correct and balanced diet against hair loss

Assoc. Dr. Zekayi Kutlubay explained that in addition to genetic predisposition, vitamin deficiencies such as iron and zinc, goiter problem, hormonal disorders in women, alopecia and stress can also be effective in hair loss.

Stating that environmental factors and living conditions, correct and balanced nutrition and regular sleep increase both life and hair quality, and situations such as malnutrition and irregular sleep trigger hair loss, Kutlubay said that a different type of shedding, which they have encountered more recently, can be seen in breastfeeding mothers after pregnancy. stated that he had seen

Stating that an intense shedding may occur from the third and fourth months after birth, and that this type of shedding is also seen in Kovid-19, Kutlubay said, “It occurs with a similar mechanism in Kovid-19. Birth, surgery, a severe infection or disease, When you have an infection that reduces the body’s resistance, such as covid, a severe shedding occurs 2 months after the estimated event. The reason is that there is a phase of the hair we call the growth phase. The growth phase is shortened. When the growth phase is shortened, the hair strands pass to the shedding phase more quickly. This process varies according to different studies, but it takes about 3 months on average.” he said.

“Correct diagnosis brings the right treatment”

Expressing that there are many different methods in the treatment of hair loss, Kutlubay said, “The correct diagnosis brings the right treatment. So is it a genetic shedding, a loss due to a vitamin deficiency or a hormonal disorder, or a shedding due to another damage? Is it necessary to name it once?” he said.

Assoc. Dr. Kutlubay explained that some oral herbal treatments, hair mesotherapy, PRP, stem cell therapy were used in the treatment and continued as follows:

“We have a substance called minoxidil in vitamins. We inject cocktails to mix minoxidil. Here, in fact, our main weapon in treatment is a topical spray, which we call minoxidil, which is approved by both the American Food and Drug Administration and our Ministry of Health. “By expanding the blood vessels, it provides better nutrition and quality of the hair. But of course, it is necessary to use it for a long time. It is useful to treat such 1-2 months treatment, maybe for a few years. In this respect, when the patient has hair loss, it is absolutely necessary to consult a dermatologist.” Let the dermatologist make the appropriate diagnosis. Anyway, the dermatologist will decide at what intervals, at what time and for how long to use minoxidil.”

“Hair loss occurs in almost 25 percent of those who have Kovid-19”

Kutlubay stated that there was hair loss in the early days of Kovid-19, but it did not occur as much as other symptoms, and the number of patients who had covid and came with hair loss in the last 8 months has increased considerably, and continued his speech as follows:

“Hair loss is also one of the symptoms of covid at the moment. One or two small publications from abroad have started to appear. We also look at them, almost 25 percent of those who have covid have hair loss. We, Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty, Department of Dermatology and Venereal Diseases. We have signed a study. We are currently collecting the data of the study. We have screened more than 1000 covid patients, we will publish it in a good journal abroad soon. The first data have started to come to us. Around 25-30 percent of covid has recently seen hair loss, but some of them in a short day 80-100 strands, some can find 150-200 strands, but the good thing is that this shedding due to covid continues for 3-4 months on average, after 3-4 months all the hair that has been shed starts to grow back. It’s up to the person and their dermatologist to shorten the process.”

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