Gambling is usually a game of chance played in hopes of gaining money by putting money into play. Gambling games are very diverse. Betting games are especially popular nowadays. These can be Sports competitions (matches) or races. Of the person; These bets started for excitement and fun first, then they can turn your life into a nightmare.

Betting addiction can be seen in people of all income groups. It is more common in men between the ages of 40-50. The person cannot give up this passion, although he has problems with his family, friends and workplace due to his addiction to betting. Alcohol or drug addiction can also be seen in these people.

Situations seen in bet addicts:

1. He overestimates on betting. He enters betting sites or follows from newspapers at all opportunities during the day, even neglecting his job.

2. In order to bet faster on his smart phone; betting program and betting results applications are loaded.

3. He bets increasingly higher numbers. Small numbers are increasingly unexciting.

4. Although he tries to quit his betting habit many times, he does not succeed.

5. When he stops betting, he becomes restless, nervous and angry.

6. Some may continue this habit to avoid problems or to relax psychologically.

7. The day after they lost money in the bet, they play again to compensate. (To chase what you lost)

8. Lies about the amount of bets and frequency of bets.

9. For gambling; It gets involved in legal problems such as fraud, fraud, theft, embezzlement.

10. Your job, future, school and relationships may be put at risk because of betting.

11. Borrowing from risky people. (Like usurers)

12. He wants to get his losses back in one go, therefore he acts more risky. He bets with higher money. The number increases steadily.

13. Lies about his losses.

14. He has legal problems because of his debts.

If the betting addict does not have his own will, it is very difficult to treat. Many seek help when economic or legal problems arise. Family support is important in the treatment of these people.

1. These persons use credit cards and debit cards; they must either close it or give it to their relatives.

2. They must have money on them, except for their daily compulsory needs.

3. If his family pays off his debts; it should lend it to you. It should not be free as if there is no problem.

4. The family should encourage the person to be honest.

5. He must stay away from the places where bets are placed.

6. It must uninstall betting related applications from the phone.

7. It may be appropriate for him to find a suitable occupation or hobby.

8. If the person cannot get rid of this addiction despite family support and his / her own struggle, he / she should definitely receive treatment in this regard.

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