The fat around the belly creates a layered and uncomfortable situation, especially when sitting, and you start to see a line that gradually deepens there. This is quite disturbing for many people. Of course, belly fat is not the only reason for this unaesthetic appearance…

The folds around the navel are also seen in thin people. Curvature of the spine and excess fat trapped around the navel are the cause of this condition.

What causes belly folds?

You may have a thin body or are following a proper diet program to lose weight, but it’s frustrating to be disappointed when you sit in a chair and see your belly roll.

When you stand up, your torso lengthens. Excess skin and flesh in your midsection will spread. When you sit, your torso shortens. The skin and meat are now compressed into a smaller space. The result is that you develop a few fleshy folds, and those layers get deeper day by day if you don’t fight it right.

Causes of folds in the belly:

Some people have more folds in the belly area than others. There are several reasons for this:

Body fat ratio : If your body fat percentage is higher, most of this excess fat is likely accumulating in your belly area, which causes belly folds when sitting or even standing.

Genetics: Studies have found that storage of excess fat in the abdominal area is up to 60% genetic.

Bad posture: A trunk that does not stand upright results in the emergence of core layers. A forward-leaning, hunched stance results in both larger and more defined and deep coats.

Health risks of belly fat

Some belly fat is needed to protect your organs, but too much is pretty unhealthy

Excessive accumulation of fat around the belly is also called abdominal obesity or visceral obesity and carries many important health risks. People with excess fat in the waist area are at higher risk for:

glucose intolerance
Heart disease
high cholesterol
Insulin resistance

How to get rid of belly folds?

If you decide to lose weight to reduce your belly fold, there are a few things you can do.


A consistent, calorie-controlled, balanced diet for weight loss is a smart way to reduce belly fat. If you lose weight significantly and go down to your ideal weight, you will see positive changes in your upper and lower stomach fat.


You can also start a cardio workout program to lose weight. There are cardio exercises for all fitness levels, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your situation and needs.

Cardio both strengthens your heart and causes your fat ratio to decrease.


The more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns; even while resting! If you start doing a high-intensity workout that appeals to the abdominal area, you’ll soon see the difference, just decide.


Stretching and stretching will help with belly fat and belly folds. Make full-body stretches part of your regular fitness routine. (Mail)

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