Family Counselor Kübra Nur Uğurlu, who lives in İzmir, said that violence has spread under the influence of dominoes. Pointing out that violence causes significant damage to society and family members, Uğurlu explained:

“The fact that only one person is using violence is a harbinger of the continuing and transmission of violence in many generations. The contagiousness and applicability of violence increase both in our country and in other countries. This does not end with the use of violence alone. With the fear and anxiety it spreads on the people around, the effect of violence becomes greater.


Stating that children who witness violence may develop behavioral disorders later, Uğurlu said, “The problem of trust begins in the child who witnessed the violence of his mother. I do not trust anyone. ”He internalizes violence so much that his hopes for the future are shaken. The child takes on the role of a victim or a victim of violence. According to him, people who use violence often witness violence in their past. “

Family Counselor Uğurlu underlined that spouses should protect each other’s respect in order to prevent future generations from being affected by violence. Uğurlu said, “There must be a border between family members. It should make your children feel that there will be no rule violations in the family. “Except for a very small stretch, we should insist that border violations are not brought to the agenda,” he said.

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