Urology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Serdar Aykan stated that basically three situations could cause this. They stated that there was excessive production of urine at night, excessive contraction of the bladder at night, and waking disorder.


Assoc. Dr. Serdar Aykan, about 15 percent of all children can get bed wetted up to the age of 16, but drew attention to the fact that bedwetting of children over the age of 5 more than twice a month is medically referred to as bedwetting, and said that although its incidence decreases as age increases, it can be seen in older ages. . Stating that this disorder can be seen more frequently in children with a history of bedwetting especially in their parents, Aykan said that three conditions such as excessive night urine production, excessive contraction of the bladder at night and waking disorder can affect wetting at night.


Stating that bedwetting problems can be prevented by the support of a specialist physician after regular follow-up of the parents, Assoc. Dr. Serdar Aykan stated that it is among the methods used in the problems of bed-wetting by timing the urination in children generally, arranging the toilet in a way that the child can use (by using a child seat and placing a step under the feet), avoiding constipation, and eating natural and fibrous food and a liquid rich diet.

Assoc. Dr. Aykan, in addition to behavioral treatments, restricting the fluid intake after dinner, preventing the carbonated drinks and excessive sugar load taken during the day, reducing the timing of daily urination to every 2-3 hours, urinating before going to bed, and the parents once again put the child in the toilet. He emphasized that the family, school, teacher and child can work together in a team to prevent wetting at night, such as taking them. Assoc. Dr. Aykan said, “Another additional method used in supportive treatment is that when the child wets his / her bed, the bedwetting alarm allows the parents to get up and change the bed and take them to the toilet.”

Stating that if nocturnal urinary incontinence cannot be corrected within three months with behavioral therapies, drug therapy can be initiated in patients who cannot progress. Dr. Serdar Aykan said, “Bedwetting is prevented by 90 percent with medication taken 1 hour before bedtime. The disadvantage of the drug is the possibility of bedwetting resuming when the drug is stopped. The purpose of drug use is to keep the gold dry until the child can control his urine at night ”.

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