Res. See. Dilek Sivri gave information about the consumption of broad beans, a vegetable rich in phytochemicals. Stating that there are experimental studies on the effectiveness of isoflavone in its content against some types of cancer such as breast cancer, Sivri said, “In addition, the fiber in its content lowers LDL cholesterol, protects colon health, regulates blood sugar, increases the feeling of satiety and provides weight control.”

Stating that the immune system can be strengthened through the vitamin C and phytochemicals in its content with the consumption of fresh broad beans grown in this period of seasonal transitions, Sivri said, “While the broad bean contains protein and does not contain cholesterol, it is an alternative to red meat for individuals with high cholesterol, and it is one of the foods that should be included in the main meal in vegetarian and vegan diets.”


Underlining that some individuals should be more careful while consuming broad beans, while others should stay away, Sivri used the following statements:

“Fresh beans contain the dopamine precursor L-Dopa. With the consumption of broad beans, dopamine secretion in the brain increases. Parkinson’s disease is caused by decreased dopamine secretion in the brain. Therefore, individuals who include fresh broad beans in their diet may reduce the risk of contracting this disease. However, since the presence of L-Dopa in the active ingredient of the drugs used in Parkinson’s disease will have the effect of a drug that has been taken too much when the broad bean and the drug are used together, Parkinson’s patients who are taking drug therapy should definitely consult their doctor if they consume beans.

Pointing out that it should be consumed with caution in individuals with irritable bowel syndrome, Sivri said, “People with favism disease, known as ‘bean poisoning’, pregnant and babies should avoid consuming broad beans.”

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