It has become more attractive than ever to spend time outdoors after the long days of being locked up at home during the pandemic. With the warming of the weather, the number of people who do sports in the open air begins to increase, and the risks of exercising in hot and humid weather come to the fore. The information compiled by the Sabri √úlker Foundation draws attention to the fact that the exercises performed in hot and humid weather increase the body temperature even more and the body starts to sweat more in order to cool itself. But the high humidity in the open air makes cooling difficult. This situation accelerates the heartbeat suddenly, creating a risky situation for health. Experts say that individuals with chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes should consult their doctor and undergo a general health check before exercising in hot and humid weather. Overweight, children, the elderly and pregnant/breastfeeding women should not exercise in hot weather and avoid going out at noon when the weather is even hotter.

It is important to compensate for the water loss that is reduced by sweat.

Fluid intake becomes even more important after exercise, which leads to excessive sweating. If the lost water is not replaced, symptoms such as fatigue and weakness are observed and exercise performance decreases. Drinking 3-4 glasses of water for every 500 g decrease in weight helps to replace the lost water, while ayran, kefir, soda, freshly squeezed fruit juices consumed after exercise, green apple, cinnamon, lemon, mint prepared at home by following hygienic rules. Cold or warm water and cold soups containing ingredients also quench thirst and give energy. Vitamin-mineral contents support the recovery of minerals lost by sweat.

Is a mask necessary during exercise?

The World Health Organization (WHO) emphasizes that masks should not be used while exercising. Wearing a mask in hot and humid weather in summer may cause some problems such as excessive effort and sweating due to heat and difficulty in breathing. Also, with sweating, the mask gets wet more quickly, which makes breathing difficult and encourages the proliferation of microorganisms. WHO states that the most important preventive measure to protect from COVID-19 during outdoor exercise is to maintain a social distance of at least one and a half meters from other people.

Things to consider for a correct exercise

In addition to hot weather, some risks should be avoided during physical activity, which is an important method in weight management and health promotion. Choosing the appropriate environment for the preferred activity and considering the following warnings are necessary for a better quality exercise:

Try to use areas separated from motor vehicles, such as sidewalks or walkways.
Take a jog or walk in neighborhoods where deceleration measures are taken to slow down the traffic.
Choose well-lit areas.
Opt for well-maintained playing fields and courts without pits or obstacles.
Before starting an exercise program, try to get clothes and equipment that will meet your needs according to the program.

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