Stating that it is absolutely necessary to warm up before starting the exercises, Barış Çakmar suggested that if 40 minutes will be exercised, 10 minutes should be devoted to warm-up. Çakmar also warned not to do sports right after the meal and said, “30 minutes is sufficient for sports at home, including warm-up at first. “As your muscle mass and body structure develop, the movements you make will start to be insufficient, which is proof that your development has progressed.”


Stating that the important thing in the exercises is continuity, Çakmar explained the simple exercises that can be done at home as follows:

“Breathing exercises, which can be done easily at home, increase the lung capacity. Breathing exercises are also effective in reducing complaints such as shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. Before starting breathing exercises that also strengthen the immune system of the person, one should sit in an upright position. One of the hands is placed on the chest and the other on the upper abdomen where the ribs end. All the air in the lungs is blown out through the mouth. The upper abdomen is gently pressed to the torso with the hand and then the nose is inhaled until the abdominal area is completely swollen. After waiting in this way for a few seconds, the breath is completely evacuated by blowing in the mouth whistling position. It can be repeated at certain intervals during the day. “

Abdominal Exercises

Saying that regular abdominal exercises are effective in melting the fat accumulated in this area and tightening the abdomen, Çakmar said, “The most effective abdominal exercises that should be started after the body muscles are heated is to do sit-ups. In the shuttle movement performed by lying in the supine position on a flat surface, two hands are folded and placed on the neck area in order not to damage the neck area. Then the abdominal and hip muscles are tightened and the body is brought to a sitting position without support. If the shuttle movement, which can be challenging in the initial period, can not be performed, the legs should be tried to be raised at a 90 degree angle in the supine position to strengthen the muscles of the region. In this way, if it is difficult, the feet can be pulled towards the abdominal area with the help of a elastic, for example, a rubber. While lowering down, the abdominal and hip muscles are tightened and lowered slowly. This technique can be done 10 times out of 3 sets in the beginning. Apart from this, sagging in the lateral abdominal area, which we call oblique, is also complained. Alternatively, the stick twisting exercise can be performed: It is an exercise that targets the lateral abdominal muscles by holding the lower body steady with a straight stick placed on the neck and turning the upper body to the right and left respectively. Those who have difficulty standing can be done sitting on a flat place. The target point must be contracted, attention must be paid to breathing. “For the first start, 20 repetitions can be made from 3 sets.”


Çakmar stated that the best way to restore the sagging arms and legs, which are one of the most disturbing situations of the person, to their old tight appearance, is to exercise. In this exercise, in which the face should be positioned facing the ground, the person must lean his elbows on the ground at a 90-degree angle and stand on the toes. It is important to keep the head and spine in the same position. In this way, the body can be kept fixed or the body can be moved up and down like push-ups. Another arm exercise can be done with the help of a chair or a coffee table. First of all, the person turns his back on the coffee table and bends over. Arms are back and hands are on coffee table. Using the support from the coffee table, the body is moved up and down with the help of the arms, ”he said.

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