Stating that the causes of chronic airway disease are smoking, tobacco use, environmental factors and sometimes hereditary factors, Chest Diseases Specialist Prof. Dr. Ali Metin Görgüner, COPD, which is often diagnosed by anamnesis, physical examination and pulmonary function tests, can be diagnosed by simple chest x-ray or a computed tomography when necessary. COPD is a preventable and treatable disease.

The most important point in treatment is to quit smoking if the person smokes. Apart from this, the physician uses the medicines he deems appropriate in a timely, correct and effective manner. Vaccination, nutrition etc. in protection. factors are also important. “Bronchospic balloon treatment can be easily applied to patients whose treatment is completed, as long as there is no serious tissue damage in the lungs of COPD patients who have had COPD during the fight against Kovid-19 infection.”


Stating that in recent years, a method known as balloon therapy in COPD disease, the medical name of which is “Broncho Muco Cleaner Balloon Application”, has come to the fore. Dr. Ali Metin Görgüner, “The purpose here is to clean the secretions in the bronchi and to relieve the patient by opening the airways. In patients who develop COPD as a result of many environmental exposures, especially to cigarettes, there is an increase in secretion due to the narrowing of the respiratory tract and the increase in the number of cells that produce sputum.

In the balloon treatment method, under general anesthesia under general anesthesia, the respiratory tract of the patient is entered with a camera system called a bronchoscope, and all small airways that can be reached are mechanically cleaned one by one within a few hours with the balloon selected in accordance with the diameter of the bronchus. Here, the specially designed balloon covered with a scraper-like braid is inflated with adjustable pressure and frequency with the help of an electronic pump, applied to the bronchi and the thickened inner layer is restored and the expansion of the bronchi is provided.

After the balloon treatment, which is a relaxing method, the patient is often discharged the next day. Although it varies according to the person, symptoms decrease and effort capacity increases for a long time. It is very important that the patients do not smoke again and use the necessary medications regularly. The disadvantage of the process today is its high cost ”.

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