Stating that the unconscious use of antibiotics, which is frequently brought to the agenda as one of the biggest mistakes made by the society in terms of health, causes serious damage to the teeth, Dr. Süleyman Emre Meşe stated that the unconscious use of antibiotics causes serious damage not only to general health but also to teeth.

Emphasizing the effect of unnecessary and unconscious use of antibiotics on oral and dental health, Meşe said, “Unnecessarily used antibiotics can also have negative effects on teeth, gums and oral tissues.

For example, the use of tetracycline group antibiotics in children can cause brown lines in the enamel of permanent teeth. Again, the use of the same drug during pregnancy may cause similar discoloration in the teeth. In addition, some antibiotics are known to cause dry mouth by affecting the flow rate and amount of saliva. Mouth sores associated with dry mouth and chapped lips are among the findings that can be seen again, ”he said.

Reminding that antibiotics are drugs used in the treatment of bacterial infections, Meşed, “The biggest mistake made in society is the use of antibiotics in the treatment of viral infectious diseases such as flu and common cold. The greatest danger of unnecessary and unconscious use of antibiotics is the resistance of bacteria to antibiotics.

“Antibiotic resistance makes the treatment of curable pneumonia, tuberculosis or other bacterial infections difficult or sometimes impossible,” he said. Underlining that antibiotics can kill bacteria that are beneficial to the body as well as bacteria that harm the body, Meşe said, “For this reason, frequent use of antibiotics may cause the absence of these beneficial bacteria that live in balance in our body and the occurrence of other diseases related to them. “Some antibiotics can cause allergic reactions in hypersensitive people, and can be life threatening,” he said.

Stating that every antibiotic may not work in every bacterial infection, Meli concluded his words as follows: “The thought of ‘disease will not pass without using antibiotics’ is extremely wrong and therefore, like every drug, antibiotics should be used only with the recommendation and prescription of a physician.

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