Stating that people can be infected with low doses of Hp, people are at risk of being infected with the small number of Hp bacteria in food, Dr. Tülin Kendir Koçak pointed out that HP is more common in geographical regions where hygiene conditions are not good. Koçak stated that the patient’s treatment can also be made according to the country where the person is located, the age of the patient, factors that may lead to some diseases, the patient’s complaints, and the frequency of cancer in that country, and the diagnosis of Hp can be made by pathology, rapid urease test or respiratory test, stool from the biopsy taken during gastroscopy. He said that he was put through his tests.


Drawing attention to the fact that Helicobacter pylori will not cause any problems, it may also cause different diseases. Tülin Kendir Koçak stated that she could play a role in the development of gastritis, ulcer, stomach lymphoma and stomach cancer. Dr. Koçak also stated that apart from the diseases it may cause in the digestive system, it may also cause coronary heart disease, rose disease among skin diseases, allergies of unknown cause, autoimmune thyroid disease, anemia due to iron deficiency, and skin rashes due to the reduction of cells involved in coagulation.


Koçak said that whether the bacterium causes a disease or not may depend on the genetic factors of the person carrying this microbe, the environmental factors it is in and affected by, the diet and whether the bacteria is infected with the species with harmful genetic characteristics, especially in geographical regions where gastric cancer is common. He emphasized that it would be appropriate to investigate Hp bacteria in those who have complaints and to treat them in those detected.


Dr. Koçak stated that Hp bacteria can be investigated and treated in patients with ulcers, gastric lymphoma, cancer precursor lesions, those whose early cancer findings have been treated with endoscopic method, and those with gastric cancer in their family.

Family history warned that patients with cancer precursor lesions on endoscopy should be checked after treatment. Stating that with the treatment of Hp, the diseases that may be caused by this bacterium can be prevented. Tülin Kendir Koçak stated that Hp infection can be treated by applying drugs that have been found to be beneficial for years. Koçak emphasized that there is still no vaccine against helicobacter pylori infection, which may recur after treatment.

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