Headache complaints, which are seen in almost everyone in the society, increased more with the triggering factors such as stress, inactivity at home, fear of corona virus with the pandemic period.

Regularly developing pain should be followed and heeded. Headaches that show vital signs are divided into 3 groups.

The first of these is the pain called primary. The causes of these pains are pain that is not related to other brain diseases. Migraine, tension, and cluster headache are among the primary (primary) group pains.

Secondary pain is a secondary headache group. The source of the pain is a certain disease. Examples are infection, sinusitis, blood pressure, and brain bleeding.

The third type of headaches are short-lived headaches seen in trigeminal neuralgia. Patients generally compare these pains to lightning.

Of the three pain groups, the most discomfort to patients is the type of neuralgia. The duration of pain can last up to 2 hours and can be very severe. The biggest reason why neuralgia is dangerous is that it is not easily diagnosed. In some cases, patients think that the pain is caused by their teeth and they can go to the dentist.

However, depression and suicidal tendency are encountered in cases who cannot find a treatment to calm their pain attacks. In such patients, strong drugs and local therapies to numb the nerves are also tried. However, results may not always be obtained.

With the pandemic period, the highest increase is seen in pain in the secondary group called secondary.

Secondary pain is caused by inactivity, anxiety, and depression. In the corona period we went through, the number of people who applied for treatment with pain caused by these reasons is twice as high.

Pain attacks must be followed up.

Generally, headaches are benign, but in some cases, headaches may be a sign of tumor, brain hemorrhage and various infectious diseases. For this reason, the pain attacks experienced should be followed for a while and the person should watch himself. If nausea, vomiting, double vision, fever and weakness are experienced together with pain attacks, a specialist physician must be consulted.

Pay attention to waist and neck pain

With the pandemic period, working from home was adopted. The unsuitable working environment and the prolonged hours spent in front of the computer led to an increase in back and neck pain. The prolonged working hours keep employees immobile. However, the use of orthopedically uncomfortable chairs also triggers pain.

People can set an alarm for themselves to avoid being inactive. They can increase their movement time to go to the toilet, drink water, and eat. The person can be relieved by easing the pain with simple stretching movements during work or at the end of the day.

Various treatment methods in pain treatment

Today, with the developing technology, the methods used in pain treatment have also changed. Pain treatments are determined according to the source and severity. One of the most preferred methods is the radiofrequency method.

Radiofrequency method is a treatment method that gives effective results especially in head, waist and neck pain. Since it is a painless and non-surgical procedure, it is very easy compared to other methods. After the application area is determined, the procedure is carried out under the control of a specialist physician. There is a 5-day rest period after the procedure. After 5 days, it is checked regularly and the patient gets rid of his pain and returns to his daily life.

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