Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr. Murat Doğan gave information about the muscular rheumatism disease and explained what needs attention. Dr. Doğan stated that muscular rheumatism is known as soft tissue rheumatism and said, “Muscle rheumatism is more common in the spring and autumn periods, which are seasonal transition. This is because hormonal changes, the effect of air and pressure increase them. Staying in positions triggers this. Later, when the spring period starts, it increases this disease as it is seen with spring fatigue. As for the causes and symptoms, there is widespread body pain and morning fatigue in muscle rheumatism. Also, there is a feeling of stiffness and swelling in the body. and accordingly, there will be fatigue throughout the day, “he said.


Dr. Doğan said about the things that need to be considered during the season transition period, “We make a mistake during seasonal transition periods, especially when we move from winter to spring, we exercise intensely to ‘relax our body’ as soon as possible. We need to avoid these intense exercises. Afterwards, we need to reduce the speed of our daily life activities. However, we should not disrupt our daily activities in order to maintain sleep patterns. We should avoid or consume foods that will disturb sleep such as tea and coffee. We need to treat the painful areas as soon as possible. and the body pain increases even more, enters a chronic cycle. Then it becomes difficult to resolve and treat, “he said.


Dr. Doğan emphasized the importance of nutrition in seasonal changes and said, “70 percent of the human body is water and this decreasing water ratio triggers muscle rheumatism. Particular attention should be paid to water consumption. We need to consume 2 liters of water daily. Especially antioxidant drugs can be used. B, C and D. If vitamin is low, we can take vitamin supplements. We can consume foods such as fish rich in omega. To diagnose this disease, if there is a common body pain, if we are tired in the morning and if there is a stiffness, we recommend that they go to an outpatient clinic. After finding the cause of this pain, the course of treatment will be easier. and we can take a faster way in this disease with treatment “he said.

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