Studies conducted in South Korea reveal that the risk of viruses increases in indoor fitness rooms. While it is stated that especially humid and warm environments are favorable, it is noted that droplets can spread faster in these areas. Experts underline that when the surfaces in the gyms, which contain sweat and moisture, are not cleaned, it raises concerns. Unfortunately, common sports equipment, weights, gloves, team sports increase the possibility of virus transmission.

The World Health Organization states that inactivity during the long-lasting pandemic period can cause serious harm to human health. Worldwide, approximately 2 million people die each year from causes related to physical inactivity.

What Should Be Considered in the Corona Period Sports Hall?

If you are considering going to the gym, there are some points to consider. You can do sports safely in the halls by following each item carefully. Here are the things to consider in gyms during the pandemic period:

You have to go to the gym by making an appointment.
You should maintain your social distance during sports. You should take care to keep the distance between you and the coach and other customers.
You should bring your personal towels and mats with you.
If towels and mats are provided by the salon, you should make sure that they are in a single-use package and disinfected.
You should avoid movements where your face touches surfaces, tools.
You should wash your hands after entering the gym, disinfect your hands after using the tools, and never touch your face during sports.
You should not ask for food or drink during exercise.
If possible, you can prefer to exercise in the open areas of the hall with few people.
You should not use devices that dry hands with air.
You should not neglect personal precautions such as masks and visors.
You should not use the tools and tools used by others without being disinfected, you should wait for them to be cleaned.
Sports Physician Ex. Dr. Gökhan Özhan said, “As well as the benefits of regular sports, the damage caused by improper training can also lead to permanent injuries. We stayed at home for months due to the pandemic, and doing sports uncontrollably due to inactivity can have irreversible results.


Individuals who take a break from the movement during this period will want to make up for the period they stayed at home.” Remember that doing sports shows results in the medium or long term. Upset. Dr. Özhan also said, “It is beneficial to start your sports activities slowly.


The training should be prepared individually and the needs should be determined well. If the person’s anatomical problems, muscle strength and flexibility deficiencies are not determined well, disability may be inevitable.

Did you know?

Every 1 kg of muscle mass taken into the body allows you to burn 50 more calories per day.

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