From Monday, March 1, the class bell will ring for special education schools, primary schools of all grade levels, and 8th and 12th grade students. Experts warned about taking measures for Kovid-19 in schools. Medical Microbiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Gülfem Terek Ece stated that the measures should be taken from the entrance of the school and explained what teachers and students should pay attention to.


Saying that the precautions to be taken should be conveyed with the correct communication methods, Ece said, “First of all, hand antiseptics should be placed at the entrance of the school and class entrances. Hands should be washed frequently and properly. Classrooms should be ventilated frequently, and attention should be paid to the necessary planning in terms of their size and the number available. A Kovid-19 action plan should be created in schools and appointments should be made for this purpose in school management, trainers and administrative staff. Training plans should be made for in-service and students. Parents should be included in the trainings. Because with a collective awareness, we can be protected from the epidemic. Therefore, it should be emphasized in the trainings that the fight against Kovid-19 starts from home, ”he said.


Stating that the cleaning of common areas such as classrooms and corridors in school buildings should be done with appropriate disinfectant and cleaning materials, Ece said, “The use of cafeterias, libraries and canteens should be restricted in terms of the number of users. Again, eating and drinking should be restricted in these areas. Because the infection can be transmitted quickly through droplets. In the education provided, it should be emphasized that the family members with whom the children live together and in what situations they will consult a doctor and inform the school administration. The use of the mask should be explained to young children in detail. Again, attention should be paid to the use of antiseptics by young children. It can be risky in terms of mouth and swallowing, ”he said.


Emphasizing that people should be restricted in school toilets and sinks, Ece drew attention to the importance of waste control. Stating that areas such as door handles and wood, especially when children come into contact with dust, should be cleaned frequently with appropriate materials, Prof. Dr. Gülfem Terek Ece continued her words as follows:

“The use of masks by children and teachers should definitely be supervised. A team should be established within the school for this purpose. All children above 2 years old can wear a mask. How to put on and discard the mask should be taught, and it should be checked whether it covers the mouth and nose. Therefore, it is necessary to have sufficient number of masks in classrooms. “


Emphasizing that school ventilation systems should be checked regularly, Ece said, “Air conditioners should not be used for a long time. Apart from Kovid-19, attention should be paid to other respiratory system agents. Using masks, visors and goggles at very close (1 meter) contacts will reduce the risk of contamination. Again, the layout plans of the classrooms should be revised, face-to-face sitting should be prevented. Students can always be seated in the same place for contact tracking and reducing contamination. It will not be appropriate to conduct common lessons in this process. It is also beneficial to prevent students from using common materials, ”he said.

Ece warned that each class should go to the breaks at different times and said, “If there is an elevator in the school, there should be a person limitation in its use. If Kovid-19 positivity is detected from students or teachers, those who have contact should be tested and the use of classes should be suspended. When we take all these precautions in schools and train them, we will seriously reduce the risk against Kovid-19, ”he concluded.

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