The high level of aldosterone hormone, which causes resistant and uncontrolled hypertension, which can only be controlled with more than three drugs, can cause life-threatening risks for those under the age of 30 or over the age of 50. Assoc. Dr. Ethem Turgay Cerit gave information about hypertension due to high aldosterone hormone.

Aldosterone is a vital hormone produced in the adrenal (adrenal) glands. This hormone has an important role in maintaining the sodium (salt) and potassium balance in our body. Aldosterone hormone is an important part of the hormonal system that regulates blood pressure and fluid balance in our body. For this reason, aldosterone hormone secreted above normal can cause vital problems for patients.

Aldosterone excess is often caused by benign masses.

The excess of aldosterone, called hyperaldosteronism, is defined as the overproduction of aldosterone by the adrenal glands for various reasons. If the cause of hyperaldosteronism is due to the adrenal glands, it is called primary (primary) hyperaldosteronism, and if it is due to a cause other than the adrenal glands, it is called secondary (secondary) hyperaldosteronism.

Causes related to the adrenal gland; There may be thickening of the aldosterone-secreting part of the adrenal gland (hyperplasia) or masses of the adrenal gland that secrete aldosterone, which are often benign but rarely malignant. In some cases, this hormone excess may be family-inherited.

The most important symptom of resistant and uncontrolled hypertension

Signs and symptoms such as high blood pressure with severe weakness and muscle cramps, high blood pressure that can only be controlled with more than three drugs, high blood pressure that started under the age of 30 or above the age of 50, family history of stroke, low potassium level in the blood (hypokalaemia) aldosterone indicates height. In such cases, it is recommended to investigate the aldosterone level.

If there is an excess of aldosteroneā€¦

High levels of aldosterone hormone in the blood cause water and salt retention in the body. This is in addition to resistant and uncontrolled hypertension; Due to the direct effect of the aldosterone hormone, it causes cardiovascular diseases, especially stroke.

Another vital problem caused by high aldosterone is sodium (salt) and potassium imbalance in the blood. In this case, low potassium occurs in the body, which leads to serious heart rhythm problems and symptoms such as muscle weakness and fatigue.

Screening test is done by looking at the level of aldosterone in the blood.

Aldosterone excess can be determined by the tests to be performed. A screening test is performed by looking at the aldosterone level and renin activities taken in the plasma (blood fluid) under certain conditions. In patients suspected in screening tests, a definitive diagnosis is made by looking at the aldosterone level in the blood with dynamic tests. Various imaging methods are used for research on the cause.

Treatment of hyperaldosteronism varies depending on the underlying cause. It can be treated with lifestyle changes and medication, or surgical interventions may be required depending on the situation.

Those with a family history of stroke are in the risk group.

Hyperaldosteronism It constitutes the patient group that should be evaluated in terms of

Those with resistant high blood pressure at a young age should suspect hyperaldosteronism

The most important point in primary hyperaldosteronism is to be conscious of the disease and to seek appropriate treatment with early diagnosis. For this reason, it is important to refer patients with signs of aldosterone elevation and especially with resistant hypertension that starts at a young age to an endocrinology specialist for evaluation in terms of adrenal gland as well as cardiological and nephrological controls.

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