Prof. Dr. Ömer Fatih Ölmez made important statements about breast cancer within the scope of April 1-7 National Cancer Week. Prof. Dr. Does not die, stating that there are 11 false beliefs about breast cancer in the society, “The first of these is the belief that ‘if a mass in the breast is palpable, it indicates that cancer is present’. First of all, a very small percentage of breast masses undergo malignant or cancerous changes. These masses are benign masses with a probability of 80 to 85 percent that are not cysts or cancers. However, when there is a palpable mass, it is still very important to go to the doctor for examination ”.


Stating that the next belief is about mammography, Prof. Dr. He does not die, “The belief that mammography can cause breast cancer to spread is very wrong. Mammography or X-ray film of the breast contains very low doses of radiation and does not cause the cancer to spread. Mammography causes cancer to be diagnosed earlier and better results with early treatment. Mammography is a recommended screening method that increases survival (35%) after the age of 50. On the other hand, the idea that ‘biopsy the tumor tissue causes the cancer to spread’ is not true. “There is no scientific evidence that performing tumor biopsy causes the spread of cancerous cells.”


Prof. Dr. Does not die, continued as follows:

“The fourth is the belief that ‘having it in the family indicates that you will also get breast cancer’. The familial connection of breast cancer may cause a higher incidence of cancer, but only up to 10 percent of those with a family history will develop breast cancer. On the other hand, the thought that ‘if there is a BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutation in your DNA structure, you have breast cancer’ is also very wrong. Not everyone who carries these mutations gets breast cancer. However, women with these mutations are at a 5 times higher risk of breast cancer than others. The sixth true false is that having smaller breast tissue reduces the risk of breast cancer. Breast tissue is not important for breast cancer. Breast cancer develops from the breast canal and lobule structures and all women have the same amount of these cells. “


Noting that the information that breast cancer is seen only in women is the biggest mistake in the society, Prof. Dr. Does not die, gave the following information:

“Breast cancer also occurs in men. Mortality rates in men are higher than in women because it is diagnosed late because it is not known by men. The eighth belief is related to preventing breast cancer. However, since we do not know exactly what causes breast cancer, we cannot prevent breast cancer completely. However, obesity, malnutrition, smoking, alcohol and an inactive lifestyle increase your risk and reduce your risk of regular follow-up and screening. Another misconception is that ‘young women should not be worried about the risk of breast cancer’. Sorry, the incidence of metastatic breast cancer is increasing in the 25-39 age group. Although breast cancer is more common after the age of 40, younger patients are also at risk. The tenth common misconception is that antiperspirants and deodorants cause breast cancer. There is no link that these products cause breast cancer. Finally, the belief that wearing a bra increases the risk of breast cancer was also interesting. Because there is no relationship between breast cancer and bras. “

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