Psychiatrist Dr. Alişan Burak Yaşar said, “Trying to sleep when you feel really sleepy instead of spending too much time awake in bed will positively affect your sleep quality.

If you haven’t been able to fall asleep again for 20 minutes or more, it will make it easier to get up and wait until you feel sleepy and try again later. You should be careful not to use your bed for any other purpose than sleeping. Thus, your body will associate the bed with sleep and it will be easier to sleep, ”he said.


Stating that 15 minutes of stretching / relaxation exercises done before going to bed will be beneficial, Yaşar said, “Checking the clock frequently at night can make you sleepy and reinforce your negative thoughts about insomnia. A healthy and balanced diet helps you sleep well. “Consuming a heavy meal just before going to bed can interrupt your sleep.”

Emphasizing the importance of the bed and bedroom to be quiet and comfortable to sleep, Yaşar said, “It may be a good idea to draw curtains to block the light coming in the early hours of the morning, to use an eye mask and to wear earplugs if there is noise.

Even if you have a bad night’s sleep and you feel tired when you wake up, doing your daytime activities as planned will be beneficial in terms of sleep quality. “If you do not get your sleep at night, no matter how much caffeine you consume during the day, it cannot compensate for your previous sleep, on the contrary, it negatively affects the sleep you will get that night.”

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