Microbiologist Dr. Lecturer Member. İpek Ada Alver said, “Contact with lighters and cigarette shopping in smoking areas poses a risk of virus contamination. At the same time, if there are carriers in the smoking rooms where small areas are separated, removing the mask while smoking and blowing the cigarette smoke into the environment, the chemicals in the cigarette smoke and the viruses settling in the particles suspended in the air increase the risk of person-to-person transmission through droplet isolation and respiration.

Stating that individuals with low immune systems especially in these areas become more prone to Kovid-19 infection, Dr. Alver said, “Smoking rooms, which are narrow areas where the mask is removed, the contact is increased and the distance is reduced, is the places where precautions should be taken because it increases the risk of getting Kovid-19”

Passive drinkers are also at risk

Drawing attention to the fact that cigarette and tobacco smoke contains more than 4 thousand harmful and toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, cyanide, ammonia, carbon monoxide, naphthalene, cadmium (battery acid) and acetone (nail polish remover), Dr. Alver said, “In addition to active smokers, passive smokers exposed to cigarette smoke are also at risk in terms of chronic lung diseases, cancer and especially Kovid-19. Chemicals in cigarette smoke suspended in the air in the condensed air and virus particles that take their place in these aerosols also pose a risk for Covid-19 in individuals who do not smoke but who are close to cigarette and tobacco products or who are called passive smokers who breathe this smoke by being in smoking rooms. ”Warned.


Emphasizing that cigarette and tobacco users are in the higher risk group in terms of getting Kovid-19, Dr. İpek Ada Alver said, “When we look at the rate of catching smokers and Kovid-19, it has been determined that the number of ACE2 receptors is higher in cigarette and tobacco users compared to other individuals, so the virus can enter the cell more easily and quickly in cigarette users. The excess of the ACE-2 receptor causes the viral load to increase and the symptoms of Kovid-19 to be more severe. At the same time, the toxic and harmful chemicals contained in the cigarette suppress the immune system, which leaves the body vulnerable to many infectious diseases, especially Kovid-19, as well as chronic diseases, “he said.


Stating that smokers have more COPD and cause severe respiratory distress, individuals with COPD are also in the first-line risk group in Kovid-19. Alver said, “These individuals are more susceptible to Covid-19 because COPD is a chronic lung disease that threatens life by the need for additional respiratory support and creates a feeling of being suffocated by not being able to breathe in the lying position. Therefore, smoking increases the risk of COPD and COPD and the risk of Kovid-19 ”.

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