Saying that doubling the daily water consumption during the summer months will be beneficial for the digestive system, Sekmen also stated that those who suffer from hemorrhoids should stay away from fast food, fermented and acidic beverages.

When the vascular balls located in the anal region are not taken care of in their diet and lifestyle, hemorrhoid disease occurs with the growth of the balls. Hemorrhoids, which is one of the most important problems of our digestive system, can be caused by our changing lifestyle as much as what we consume.

Increase Water Consumption by Sweetening Your Water

Underlining that the changing lifestyle and nutrition styles with the arrival of summer months invite hemorrhoids, General Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Ümit Sekmen said, “In these days when almost everyone goes on vacation, sea and pool activities can turn the holiday of those suffering from hemorrhoids into a nightmare. After getting out of the sea and the pool, you should take a shower and sunbathe to dry quickly or change your swimsuit after taking a shower. Sitting in a wet swimsuit may cause swelling or spasm pain by affecting the circulation of hemorrhoids with the sudden change in ambient temperature.

Stating that the amount of water, which is our consumption habit, should be doubled during the summer months, Sekmen said, “When enough water is not consumed, it negatively affects many organs, especially the intestines. At the same time, we can sweeten our water by adding foods such as strawberries, cinnamon, apples and mint, and make it easier to drink water. In addition to water consumption, we should stay away from foods that disrupt our intestinal flora.

Animal products are the main foods that spoil our flora. Especially packaged meat and dairy products can be counted among them. Although it has the phrase organic on it, we should stay away from packaged foods. Too much fast food diet and acidic foods threaten our system. Excessive consumption of spices and bitters causes the formation of hemorrhoids and hurts you more. We should definitely include salad and seasonal vegetables in our meals, and make it a habit to take 10 thousand steps every day.”

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