Recent studies have revealed that adipose tissue is a hormonal organ with the function of secreting hormones. Dr. Instructor Member Binnur Okan Bakır said that the hormones secreted by the adipose tissue have a serious effect on body weight and that this situation can lead to many diseases, and drew attention to childhood obesity in particular. Copper explained what needs to be done both to protect the adipose tissue and to prevent various health problems.


Drawing attention to the studies on adipose tissue in recent years, Binnur Okan Bakır said, “In the past, when we said adipose tissue, it was thought of as a tissue where excess energy and fat were stored. However, in recent years, it has emerged that adipose tissue is not only responsible for the storage function. Adipose tissue is considered to be a hormonal organ with a hormone-secreting function. The hormones it secretes also seem to have a serious effect on body weight. In the studies carried out in the following years, the reasons behind the ability of the adipose tissue to secrete these hormones properly or their deterioration are investigated. Childhood obesity is of particular interest to this issue. It has been revealed that different chemicals such as endocrine disrupting chemicals, obesogenic chemicals, environmental pollutants that we are exposed to in our environment are stored in the fat tissue in the body, disrupting and disrupting hormonal regulatory functions.

“Normally, a healthy adipose tissue secretes some hormones to stop and suppress it when we reach a certain body weight,” said Bakır, and continued her words as follows:

“In this case, our appetite decreases and our satiety hormones increase. So it has a self-protective arrangement. When this system is disrupted, the person becomes much more suitable for weight gain and thus weight gain. More weight gain means more accumulation of those chemicals in the body. There is such a negative vicious circle. Especially the early years of life are very decisive here. The period in the womb, that is, fetal life and the first two years of life, is much more critical. Yes, adults are also at risk, other age groups are also at risk. But the period when we need to be most sensitive and most prone to this, where this development can be the fastest or permanent, is fetal life and the first 2 years of life. As these chemicals are stored in the body, they can also have carcinogenic effects and trigger different diseases. With obesity, insulin resistance, with insulin resistance, the emergence of Type 2 diabetes is much faster.”


Pointing out that plastic is one of the products that contain chemicals accumulated in the adipose tissue, Bakır said, “Plastic is the material we use and come into contact with a lot in our lives. The substance used to harden plastic, pronounced as Bisphenol A or Biphenol A, appeared a few years ago. When plastic comes into contact with heat, the passage of materials becomes easier. Plastic was used very often in baby feeding bottles. In recent years, many of the companies put a statement on the bottles that they do not contain Bisphenol A. Substances currently used in plastic production, which we do not know yet, may also have side effects that we will detect in the future. Therefore, if we are using plastic, let’s prevent it from contacting with hot product.


Underlining that there are chemicals accumulating in the adipose tissue both by air and by the consumption of many products from food to cosmetics, Bakır said that it is partially possible to prevent this situation. Copper made the following recommendations:

“Air pollution is a big factor. Especially in big cities, it is not possible to prevent it. These chemicals can also accumulate in the adipose tissue by the dermal route. Maybe it is noticed, they started to put the phrase ‘paraben-free’ on some cosmetic products. Therefore, just as we read the labels of the foods we consume, we also need to read the labels of cosmetic products. There is also a well-known misconception as if rotten, split, patchy vegetables and fruits are more organic. Of the vegetables and fruits, the ones whose integrity is absolutely intact should be preferred. Because breaking its integrity means that there is a crack and a crack there. This means that chemicals get into it much faster. For this reason, fruits and vegetables should be consumed that are intact and suitable for the season. You also need to wash and brush them well. Fruits and vegetables that are suitable for crushing can be brushed and washed more delicately. In foods of animal origin such as meat, chicken and fish, the removal of visible fat from red meat, removing the skin of the chicken and preferring small fish are among the measures that can be taken.”

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