Kidney disease affects about 850 million people worldwide. While the number of patients undergoing renal replacement therapy in the world is 3.6 million by 2020, it is estimated that this figure will be 5.5 million in 2030. While chronic kidney diseases ranked 17th among causes of death in 1990, it rose to 12th place in 2020 with an increase of 41.5%. It is predicted to rise to 5th place in 2040.

With the aim of increasing awareness about chronic kidney diseases and improving the quality of life of their patients, Nobel Pharmaceuticals Nephrology Group implemented the social responsibility project “Listening to the Anatolian Kidney”. The project, which aims to improve the lives of patients and their relatives with knowledge and awareness, is supported by esteemed health professionals, which will deliver reliable scientific information to the public on its website, which will be published on March 11, World Kidney Day, and can be followed on facebook, instagram and youtube.

Within the scope of the project, Nephrology Specialist from Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Savaş Öztürk will be a guest. Prof. Dr. Öztürk shared the following information about chronic kidney diseases: “Chronic kidney disease is a long-term disease with gradual deterioration in kidney functions and has many causes. Today, the most common causes are diabetes (diabetes mellitus) and high blood pressure (hypertension).

As with many diseases, genetic factors also have an effect on the development and progression of chronic kidney disease, even some kidney diseases start and continue entirely due to genetic reasons. Symptoms of the disease may be insidious and subtle in most patients. In particular, there may be mild complaints such as urination every night, foamy and dark urine color, weakness, fatigue, nausea, difficulty concentrating, itching, as well as severe complaints such as uncontrolled blood pressure, edema, shortness of breath, heart failure. “

Studies conducted in our country show that one out of every 6 adults in the adult age group has symptoms of chronic kidney disease. However, as the age progresses, the incidence of this disease gradually increases. For this reason, it may be more common especially in the group above 65 years of age. The risk of this disease is higher in diabetics, high blood pressure patients, those with recurrent urinary tract infection or stone drop, those with anatomical problems related to the kidney or urinary tract, those who use too much painkillers and family members with some genetic kidney disease.

Specific Department Manager Gökhan Eti and Nephrology Product Manager Gözde Uygan Duruel stated that they aim to improve the lives of patients and their relatives by reaching out to patients and their relatives through digital channels, with the project “Listening to Anatolia Kidney”, created with the unconditional support of Nobel İlaç.

Dietician Elvan Odabaşı, one of the supporters of the project, and Gökçen Efe Aydın, a Renal Dietician of the Turkish Kidney Foundation, stated that with this project, they aim to enable patients and their relatives to access proper nutrition methods in hemodialysis treatment and to listen to their kidneys better in nutrition.

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