Res. See. Ayşenur Kurt said, “Sport is an important concept not only for physical health but also for holistic health development. Children who do sports develop their experiences and creativity and gain a sense of responsibility. However, today, before the specialization period in sports, children have the ambition to gain the place of sports practices that children should do with pleasure and entertainment, and they are focused on activities that damage their development as a result of overload. Otherwise, it will cause the child to move away from the sports branch and the early end of the sports life as a result of going to specialization in the branch early ”.


Saying that ‘Children should be in physical activity at all ages, not in a certain age range’, Ayşenur Kurt said, “The physical activity habit gained especially in preschool children is reflected in adolescence and later stages of life.Until the age of 0-6, the purpose of physical competence is to learn the basic movements and to learn about them. Physical activities performed at this stage include the development of children’s brain function, gross motor skills, emotional and social development, development of self-esteem, reduction of stress, development of bone and muscle strength and proper posture, motor skills (flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination). and speed) development, thus facilitating access to appropriate sports branches “he said.


Stating that children between the ages of 2 and 7, in which basic skills are acquired, are interested in discovering their abilities, Kurt continued his words as follows:

“In this age period, children should be prepared for sports with activities prepared in the form of a game with basic movements such as walking, running, jumps, jumps, focal point throwing, hitting the ball, climbing, swimming, dancing, cycling. The locomotor and stability level of the child is in the initial phase.At the age of 3-4, when the control and rhythmic coordination is improved, he starts to do the activities he wanted to do in a more controlled and appropriate way.At the age of 5-6, he reaches the maturity stage thanks to the basic movement training. In this context, it is accepted as the right time when children in this age group reach a certain physical and mental development in order to learn a certain sport and acquire a technique. like te Children cannot be expected to be able to do individual and team sports as expected if basic movements are not done adequately. “


Ayşenur Kurt said, “Based on the basic movement period and skills, the appropriate basic sports branches in the preschool period are swimming, athletics, general gymnastics and dance. Beginning to the branches, starting with basic education skills, swimming, gymnastics and athletics branches from the age of 3, dance from the age of 4. , It will be appropriate to start racket sports from the age of 6 and team sports after the age of 7 “.

Kurt said, ‘The most important point that should not be forgotten, the choice of the sports branch to be chosen should be left to the child’ and completed his words as follows:

“It should be a branch in which the child feels happy, enjoys and has fun during basic education. At this point, parents and expert trainers should observe the child and guide the child according to their development. The suitability of the children to the sports branch can be determined in the activity. In the selection stage, the child’s anthropometric (height, weight, body structure) ) characteristics, motoric (strength, speed, balance, flexibility, endurance and speed) features, perception and analysis features, mental, social and psychological factors should be carried out by experts. “

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