Stating that there has been a decrease in cancers related to infectious diseases and an increase in cancers related to old age, Prof. Dr. Okan Kuzhan said, “The most common cancers in men are prostate and lung cancers, followed by colon cancer. Among the most common cancers in women are breast and lung cancer. In recent years, unfortunately, gender equality has become more pronounced in bad habits. lung cancer is unfortunately began to take first place in many parts of the world and new figures in Turkey Women in the approach to the smoking habits of men “in the description found


And that world with a population increase in the number of cancer patients in Turkey, but pointed out that the decrease in cancer-related loss of life, however, Prof. Dr. Okan Kuzhan said, “Today, since cancer has become a chronic disease, it is possible to see a cancer patient around everyone. Actually, the table should be looked at from the bright side. “Advances in preventive medicine, many advances in medicine and all the supportive treatments brought by modern life have reduced the loss of life,” he said.


Reminding that the important developments in recent years have a very important place at the point where the cancer picture has reached today, Kuzhan conveyed the following information about the treatment: “If the cancer has progressed to a size that cannot be removed by surgery and has spread to the organs in the first place, chemotherapy is applied. However, depending on the patient’s condition, chemotherapy treatment is applied at different stages of the treatment. In addition to the traditional cell-killing drugs that we have been using for a long time in chemotherapy treatment, smart drugs have been on the agenda especially in recent years. Finally, immune therapies, called immunotherapy, have been an important development. “

Stating that immunotherapy has revolutionized the treatment of many cancers, Prof. Dr. Okan Kuzhan continued his words as follows: “Previously, we were looking at where the cancer originated in cancer treatment. However, with this treatment, it doesn’t matter where the cancer starts or where it goes. With some special staining techniques, we determine in advance which cancers will get a response from this treatment. Cancers in this group can get a full response no matter where they emerge or what organ they jump to. “


Reminding that one third of cancers are completely cured today and life is prolonged in one third, Kuzhan pointed out the importance of screening and early diagnosis methods at this point. However, he pointed out the fears people feel about having screening, especially in the current period, and continued his words as follows: “Patients hesitate to go to the hospital for screening or control. When I talk to my colleagues in this process, I hear that many patients who do not go to the hospital have passed the treatment phase. However, this period will take a long time. Moreover, hospitals are safe areas where all precautions are taken. For this reason, people should have their screenings done in hospitals without fear. “


Stating that although very good results have been obtained at the rate of up to 70 percent in cancer, there is still fear in people about the disease itself. Dr. Okan Kuzhan said, “While success in treatment is so high, it is necessary to investigate why cancer is so feared, that the disease is matched with loss of life. As a society, we are used to motivating and teaching people by scaring them. We think that people will go to screenings out of fear of cancer. However, people do not have their screening, saying ‘I will not recover even if cancer is diagnosed anyway’. “I think one reason for the delay in screening is due to an exaggerated, fueled fear of cancer,” he said.


Reminding that cancer can be prevented with very simple measures, Prof. Dr. Okan Kuzhan said, “These include not gaining weight, active life, and not consuming cigarette and alcohol. Even if all the precautions are taken, unfortunately, we can get cancer. Our message here is “yes, we will live healthy, but we will not dungeon the world to ourselves.” We can reduce the risk but never zero. Early screening programs gain importance for this, ”he said. Prof. Dr. Okan Kuzhan warned that despite all these precautions, it should not be forgotten that cancer is a treatable disease even when cancer is diagnosed.

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