We may not have thought that the dish sponge that we have all day and knead with cleaning material every minute carries millions of bacteria, but unfortunately this is not the truth. Research shows that 50 thousand bacteria live in a square centimeter of a dish sponge. For this reason, you should change these sponges once a week or soak them in bleach every day.


It does not come to our mind that an area that we use frequently and even constantly pour water to clean cannot be clean. However, this is not the case at all. Scientists say there are 6,000 bacteria per square centimeter of a kitchen faucet. Likewise, bathroom taps host thousands of bacteria in this way. Be it you, do not say whether the place where water flows all day will be dirty, clean these areas frequently.


You also need to frequently clean the computers that we have at hand throughout the day. Because you collect bacteria you get from everywhere you touch with your hands here. Especially if you have a habit of eating on a computer, the number of bacteria can reach millions. You should clean not only the screen but also the keyboard of your computer.

It has been a long time since we learned that carpets, no matter how much we clean them, contain all kinds of bacteria. For this reason, many carpet brands try to prevent this situation from being reflected in the sales with products such as antibacterial carpets. However, we should know well that we carry all kinds of microbes outside on our carpet with our feet and we must clean them every day.

Do you use your kitchen sink to wash all kinds of vegetables and fruits? If your answer is yes, you are in a huge mistake.

Because there are about 230 thousand bacteria per square centimeter of your sink. And imagine that you rub as much as you want with your dishwashing sponge, you cannot destroy these bacteria. Even if you say that I will use my sink, you must clean it with bleach frequently.

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