Public health specialist Dr. Abdulhamit Enes Camcıoğlu, in a statement to the journalists, said that they gave service three days a week due to Kovid-19, and that they made intensive appointments from those who wanted to quit smoking during this period.

Stating that according to the studies conducted, coronavirus poses 15 times more risk in smokers, Camcıoğlu stated that they apply treatment according to the history of the patients and their attachment to smoking, and that the patients with chronic diseases are also considered during the treatment process.

Stating that they gave nicotine patches and drugs in the treatment, Camcıoğlu explained that the treatment lasted 2-3 months.

Noting that 3-4 people applied to the outpatient clinic a week before, Camcıoğlu continued as follows:

“Now 15 people a week make an appointment with us to quit smoking. We think that the demands have increased in this direction due to the possibility of the virus being seen in smokers. Coronavirus is a disease that can cause pneumonia. In addition, smoking increases the risk of becoming Kovid-19 because it weakens the immune system.”

Camcıoğlu added that they are waiting for those who want to quit smoking to the polyclinic.

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