Prof. Dr. Burçin Büyükünaldı said, “Drugs used during the pandemic period, which is one of the most prominent examples of being under intense stress, and the incidence of bruxism during sleep, can also trigger bruxism”.

“Unlike the known, it can be seen day and night”

Altınbaş University Dental Hospital Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Burçin Büyükünaldı stated that, contrary to what is known, tooth clenching is not a phenomenon that happens only at night. Prof. dr. Büyükünaldı said, “Since the effects of night bruxism are more pronounced, there is a perception that tooth clenching occurs only at night, but bruxism can also be seen during the day. It is defined as daytime (wakefulness) bruxism and night (sleep) bruxism and increased stress, anxiety, etc. during the pandemic process. It is thought that it may have increased due to circumstances, ”he said.

Stating that tooth clenching is defined as a condition rather than a disease due to its complex origin, Prof. Dr. “Bruxism can be seen as a habitual form for no reason at all, but also as a symptom of any underlying condition. “It is very important for the success of the treatment that this distinction is made by a specialist dentist.”


Stating that when bruxism is considered to be a symptom of an underlying disorder, the first thing that comes to mind is psychological disorders. Dr. Büyükünaldı said the following:

“Although it is known that the rate of stress increases and disorders such as panic attacks and anxiety disorders are factors in the formation of bruxism, it is known that the side effects of most antidepressant drugs used for the treatment of such disorders also increase tooth clenching. For this reason, it is very important to work with physicians who have absorbed the bruxism phenomenon well. Another reason may be alcohol consumption, sleep disorders, various cardiovascular disorders. In order to diagnose bruxism in a healthy way, a good systemic history should be taken from the patients.

Stating that bruxism is not defined as a disease, it is not possible for it to cause a more serious problem. Dr. Burçin Büyükünaldı concluded by saying, “Bruxism is a condition that, although it has a complex etiology, can be treated by specialist dentists and individuals can be protected from its effects.”

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