As the coronavirus epidemic continued, the suggestion of ‘auto hypnosis’, also known as ‘self hypnosis’, came to strengthen the immune system. General Surgery Specialist Opr, who said that auto-hypnosis, which is the self-hypnosis of the person, plays an important role in strengthening the immune system of the person. Dr. Cüneyt Tuğrul, “The hypnosis method has a great place in medicine. This method is used as a pain reliever in the medical world. Dentists and obstetricians use this method. If a woman gives birth with the hypnosis method, the pain is also reduced. Birth is easier. Hypnosis method also increases the success rate from 30 percent to 60 percent in in vitro fertilization studies.

Since the family that makes IVF will be stressful, this stress will also reflect on the baby in the womb, and the baby may fall. Hypnosis prevents miscarriage by allowing the woman’s muscles to relax. Hypnosis can also be effective in the coronavirus process. Because, this method has a serious role to strengthen the immune system, “he said.


Expressing that stress lowers immunity and this increases the likelihood of catching coronavirus more quickly, Tuğrul said, “For a person to be healthy, they should be calm and peaceful. Stress causes many diseases from cancer to allergies as well as making it easier for immunity to fall. One day when you are sad, your lips will become herpes because we let this stress overcome us.

Stress makes us cold. The question we will ask during the pandemic period is as follows; Will we let the coronavirus defeat us? If you stress about how to protect yourself, somehow you will get sick. However, it is not right to say nothing will happen to me. It should be protected by taking all precautions, wearing your mask and paying attention to its hygiene. That’s where hypnosis comes in. If the person provides self-hypnosis, which we call self-hypnosis, that is, if he can achieve self-concentration, he will also keep his immunity alive.

For example, one of the people living in the same house catches coronavirus. However, his wife cares for the patient with coronavirus, but does not get the virus. Because at that moment, the immune system triggers itself by saying that I have to stand for fear that something will happen to him. The body creates such cortisone that it protects itself and keeps immunity well. Here it is self-hypnosis that comes into play. The brain works in a holistic view. They say ‘Be careful what comes out of your mouth, it will be your destiny’ or actually it is called self hypnosis. He said, “We code ourselves.”

Saying that hypnosis is accepted as a supportive classification among medical sciences, Tuğrul said, “Not everyone can hypnosis. There are training programs attended by doctors, dentists and clinical psychologists. If you can pass these programs, you can learn and apply the hypnosis method.”

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