Experts state that the most common symptom of this process is sexual dysfunction, and individuals may also have depression and anxiety disorders.

Psychiatrist Dr. Lecturer Dilek Sarıkaya talked about the symptoms and treatment methods of andropause.

Depressive symptoms may occur

Stating that the clinical picture that occurs due to the decrease in the level of testosterone hormone in the blood with aging in men is defined as andropause. Dilek Sarıkaya said, “The most known symptom of this process is the deterioration in sexual functions. Testosterone is an effective hormone in balancing the mood of a person in addition to regulating sexual functions. Therefore, with a decrease in testosterone hormone, some mental symptoms such as depressive symptoms and sleep disorders may occur. said.

There is no exact age limit!

Stating that even though the testosterone level in the blood decreases in men after the age of 40, this decline is not at the same level in all men, Sarıkaya said, “Therefore, we can say that andropause is not a condition that occurs in all men. There is no definite age limit for andropause, which can often be seen after the age of 50. Especially in people who are in good physical health and do not have any social, psychological and physiological problems, this process can take place as a very smooth transition or can be overcome with mild symptoms. In some people, the symptoms of andropause are very evident. ” he spoke.

Watch out for these symptoms!

Dr. Dilek Sarıkaya listed the most common andropause symptoms as follows: “Sexual reluctance, erection problems, premature ejaculation, sudden hot flushes, increased anxiety or depression, fatigue and irritability, motivation difficulties, forgetfulness, sleep disorders and increase in sleep requirement, pain in muscles and joints, decrease in body hair, weight gain, dryness and increase in wrinkles on the skin, osteoporosis and anemia. ”

Depression and anxiety disorder can be seen

Along with the decrease in testosterone levels, symptoms such as morale, mood swings, irritability, difficulty concentrating, loss of general motivation, sleep problems, lack of energy, and weight gain are frequently seen, Sarıkaya said, “Sexual problems and emotional changes that occur during andropause period lead men to re-examine their lives. causes him to revise his goals and dreams. The longing for the teenage years, the loss of sexual functions, and the feeling of inadequacy that can occur with changes in the body can trigger a midlife crisis. Anger, intolerance, and impulsive behavior can cause problems in close relationships. In addition, impairment in social and professional functionality, depression and anxiety may occur. ” used the expressions.

How should andropause treatment be?

Dr. Dilek Sarıkaya said ‘A multidisciplinary approach may be required in the treatment of andropause’ and continued her words as follows:

“People with symptoms should first be examined by a urologist, their hormone levels should be examined and the necessary treatments would be appropriate. In the presence of accompanying mental symptoms, we recommend an evaluation by a mental health and disease specialist. Psychopharmacological drug treatments may be considered if sleep disorder, depression or anxiety disorder accompany after a general mental examination. In addition, sexual counseling can be obtained from a mental health and diseases specialist specialized in the field of sexual therapies, and sexual therapy may be applied. It would be appropriate to resort to individual psychotherapy or family and couple therapy for possible relationship problems that may arise in the process.

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