What is lip filling?

Lip filling is the process of shaping lips for aesthetic purposes with filling materials. Recently, the most preferred filling material is hyaluronic acid-containing fillers. The methods and filling materials applied according to the needs and wishes of the people vary.

Studies show that after the age of 28, when collagen and hyaluronic acid production slows down, lips begin to shrink. In addition, environmental factors such as excessive sun exposure and smoking are very harmful for lips.

Even if lip filling seems to be an easy procedure, it should be done by specialist doctors. Wrong filling materials and applications may not be reversible.

In order for the filling procedures to be successful, it should be done in proportion to the person’s face, lip shape and smile. The ideal ratio is that the lower lip is one and a half times bigger than the upper lip.

Is lip filling permanent?

The permanence of lip filling varies depending on the filling material and the person’s lip structure. People who want to get a natural look should increase the amount of filling gradually over time. Usually, the usage period of the fillings varies between 6 months and 1 year.

In weaker people, the filling time will be shorter because the fillers will be metabolized faster.

How is lip filling done?

The filling process is a short process that takes 15-20 minutes. Application performed with local anesthesia is painless. It is very important for the doctor to understand the client’s request. After the lip shape is decided, the necessary dose is injected into the appropriate areas and the procedure is completed.

When will the result be determined after the procedure?

Since it does not require a surgical procedure, the result is immediately apparent after the injection. It is possible to experience swelling for 24 hours. The swelling will pass by itself without any intervention.

What are the alternative methods to lip filling?

Another method that can be done other than filling is lip lifting method. With this procedure, the distance between the base of the nose and the upper lip is shortened and the upper lip is lifted up. Without filling, the upper lip will have a fuller and raised appearance. During the procedure, excess skin on the lip is cut off. The remaining skin is pulled up and sewn to the base of the nose. In this way, the person gains a younger and more dynamic expression. However, fillers should be added to the treatment in addition to liplift in patients with excessively thin and long upper lip.

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