Prof. Dr. İsmail Balık also said, “Alcohol, cigarette and substance addiction pose a disadvantage in terms of getting sick, severe illness and response to vaccination.

Health Sciences University Gülhane Training and Research Hospital Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Stating that alcohol use poses a risk to coronavirus, Savaşçı said, “The coronavirus is sensitive to alcohol, alcohol kills the coronavirus; but this means disinfectant. “Our cases are such cases. Alcohol and smoking suppress the immune system,” he said.


Assoc. Dr. Emphasizing the need to pay attention to alcohol use during the coronavirus period, the warrior said:

“We need to stay away from these during these periods. Alcohol has a feature of suppressing the cellular immune system of cells. Before the coronavirus, especially alcohol addicts would come with pneumonia. Since their immune system is also suppressed, very resistant bacteria stay in intensive care, alcohol addicts. If there is, this person’s immune system is very suppressed and has become vulnerable to all kinds of microbes. Absolutely, alcohol, cigarette addicts, obese and hypertension cases are the most common cases in our coronavirus. They need to be followed up in intensive care, we see this in clinics. “


Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases, Ankara University. Dr. İsmail Balık also stated that alcohol, cigarette and substance addiction reduce the resistance of the body and said, “First of all, we can definitely say that alcohol, cigarette and substance addiction constitute a disadvantage in terms of both getting illnesses, passing the diseases seriously and responding to the vaccine.

In fact, in the information leaflet of the Russian vaccine ‘Sputnik’, it is recommended not to drink alcohol after vaccination. Factors such as smoking, alcohol, substance abuse, stress, sleep disorders, and malnutrition are factors that weaken the immune system. In such people, infections occur much more easily. Since the immune system is weak, the situation is more severe when the infections are caught. When these are vaccinated, the vaccine response is low. Immunity becomes weaker. In such people, the effect of the vaccine may disappear in a short time. It is beneficial to consider these issues, “he said.

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