From the past to the present, marriage and having children have almost become synonymous. Today, some couples do not think about having children, but are affected by the pressure to have children.

With our knowledge today; We know that in normal fertile couples, the monthly pregnancy rate is 25% in the case of sexual intercourse with a normal frequency. This rate is 85% after 1 year and around 90% after 2 years.

Infertility, on the other hand, is the inability to get pregnant despite regular intercourse for 1 year without using any birth control method. Approximately 30% of families with infertility problems have problems in men, 30% in women, and in 30% both men and women. In 10%, a problem cannot be detected despite the examinations, and this group is called “unexplained infertility”.

Thanks to the methods developed recently, the causes of infertility can be detected more easily and many solutions can be found. The inability to become pregnant can cause serious stress for the couple, especially for women.

Reasons for this

1. The pressures of the woman’s and the man’s family to have children.
2. Questions asked by friends or relatives on this subject.
3. Pregnancy of friends around the woman.
4. Failure to conceive despite planning.
5. Feelings of inadequacy that the woman will not be able to give birth and will be missing from other people.
6. Excessive desire of one or both spouses to have children.7. The man’s lack of desire to have children.
8. Progression of woman’s age.
9. Marriages at a late age.
10. Inability to get pregnant even though there is no problem with infertility.
11. The infertility problem in men is assumed by the woman even if it is treated.
12. Miscarriages.
13. Unsuccessful IVF experience.
14. Excessive number of IVF experiences.
15. Problems in pregnancy with the first child cause concern for the second pregnancy.
16. Postpartum psychological problems after the birth of the first child.

Due to these problems we have mentioned, serious fears and concerns about pregnancy occur in women. Although many of them are psychologically affected during this period, they do not receive psychological help or do not know how to proceed.

Each day increases the stress a little more. A vicious cycle ensues. Pregnancy, which is easy for many people, causes serious psychological problems for some couples.

Advice for couples who have trouble conceiving:

1. Sometimes it is not possible to get pregnant for no reason. Therefore, if you feel excessive pressure, stop talking about pregnancy at home and with your loved ones for a while.
2. Stop living every sexual life with the thought of getting pregnant. Having sex comfortably will increase the probability of pregnancy.
3. Sometimes pregnancies can cause you to neglect each other. Focus on the relationship between you, positive and positive days will raise your morale.
4. Remember that there is only one person in the world, that is, you are the only one. Don’t compare yourself to others.5. A woman should talk to her family, and a man should talk to his family about it. You should advise them to stop asking questions and putting pressure on this issue.
6. Some women act overly cautious because they think it will prevent them from conceiving or maintaining a pregnancy. Learn the exercises you can do from your doctor. Sports and exercise make you feel happier and more fit and comfortable.
7. Do not try various ridiculous methods that will be offered to you in the environment. If there is a problem, consult a doctor for a solution.
8. This is a private matter. If you tell everyone about the first negativity, keep in mind that you will constantly receive questions and suggestions about this. Don’t forget that this will put pressure on you in the future.
9. Do not hesitate to seek medical help from an obstetrician and gynecologist and a urologist.
10. If you decide to try IVF, remember that it is a long and arduous road. Set out on this journey feeling ready. Because you may have to make more than one attempt. This is a normal situation.
11. If there are unsuccessful IVF experiences, take a break from treatment related to getting pregnant for a while. Remember that you definitely need morale for a new attempt.
12. If you feel bored and stressed despite all these suggestions, definitely seek help from a psychiatrist or psychologist for a while.

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