Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bilici drew attention to the fact that breast cancer treatment has developed considerably today in a statement he made within the scope of April 1-7 National Cancer Week. Prof. Dr. Bilici said, “Metastatic breast cancer is the advanced stage of breast cancer. At this stage, cancer spreads to other organs.

The most important feature that distinguishes it from early stage breast cancer is that it is a long-term chronic disease and the need for continuous follow-up with treatment when necessary. With the treatments performed in breast cancer at this stage, it may be possible to prevent and control the progression of the disease. Especially, thanks to personalized treatments called new smart drugs developed in recent years, advanced stage of breast cancer can take the form of chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes ”.


Stating that chemotherapy comes to mind when it comes to breast cancer treatment, Prof. Dr. Bilici continued as follows:

“In addition, there are hormonal treatments in patients with hormone positivity. However, in recent years, as in some other types of cancer, there have been important developments in the treatment of breast cancer in terms of personalized treatment approaches. These drugs are drugs that can find certain targets such as ‘HER2’ that some patients with breast cancer carry and can destroy breast cancer cells by acting on them. Since HER2 is positive in about 25 percent of patients, this drug can only be used in this group of patients. In recent studies, many different targeted therapies have been developed that act on the same target, and very successful results have been obtained by using two drugs together or by adding them to one chemotherapy drug. “


Prof. Dr. Bilici said, “In the last few years, new personalized treatments that can be used in the form of a targeted oral pill have been developed in breast cancer patients with positive estrogen and progesterone receptors, which we call hormone receptors. With the addition of these drugs to hormonal treatments, which we have known for a long time, the success of the treatment has increased significantly. These drugs are known as CDK 4/6 inhibitors and act through pathways effective in cell growth and division. In fact, these drugs have recently taken their place in hormone receptor-positive advanced breast cancer patients as practical modifiers and important new treatments that touch patients’ lives. In our country, some of these drugs have recently been approved and started to be used in our practice for the treatment of our patients ”.

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