Prof. Dr. Respectful, evaluating the relationship between obesity and Kovid-19, said that obesity is the second most important cause of preventable deaths after smoking.

Emphasizing that the World Health Organization defines obesity as an epidemic and that its frequency is increasing in both adults and children and adolescents in Turkey, Saygılı said, “Studies conducted during the Kovid-19 pandemic process, which has affected the world for about 18 months, have reported that approximately half of those hospitalized due to Kovid-19 have obesity, In other words, it shows that the disease is severe enough to require hospitalization in those with obesity. In general, Kovid-19 is more severe in the elderly. he spoke.

Prof. Dr. Saying that a recently published study showed that the course of Kovid-19 in men with obesity is worse than women with obesity, he said that individuals with obesity should be taught proper nutrition principles, home exercises, breathing exercises, and should be recommended to come to the light of day. .

“There is a two-way interaction between diabetes and Kovid-19”

Turkish Endocrinology and Metabolism Association Board Member Prof. Dr. Mine Adaş, stating that an epidemic can be talked about in an epidemic when diabetes and Kovid-19 are mentioned, gave the following information:

“There is a two-way interaction between diabetes and Kovid-19. Kovid-19 is more severe in diabetics, impairs glycemic control, and diabetes aggravates the Kovid-19 clinic. Diabetes is generally associated with obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases. Diabetic kidney disease. In addition, poor glycemic control has a negative effect on the immune system. All of these are effective in the poor prognosis of the Kovid-19 clinic in diabetics. The negative effects of the steroids used in the treatment of Kovid-19 and the increase in blood sugar are the negative effects of Kovid-19 on diabetes. “

Stating that during the epidemic period, patients with reports do not have a problem in accessing their medicines, but the fact that patients are hesitant to apply to the hospital with the concern of contamination causes disruption of the controls, adding that they have recently encountered patients whose blood sugar control has been severely impaired.

“Obesity surgery is the last step in the fight against obesity”

Turkish Endocrinology and Metabolism Association Board Member Prof. Dr. Alper Sönmez gave information about the problems experienced in obesity treatment in Turkey and the steps to be taken to solve these problems.

Stating that obesity is the most important health problem of the world and Turkey, Sönmez stated that this treatment requires the cooperation of an experienced team and health professionals from different disciplines.

Prof. Dr. Sönmez, “Miracle diets without scientific basis, miracle herbs, miracle drugs or miracle surgical methods are recommended for obesity patients, obesity patients are abused. From time to time, these unscientific approaches are reported by some media organizations in an uncontrolled way. Especially in the internet and social media environment, intensive information. The approach in the treatment of obesity is clear. The causes of obesity, accompanying diseases and complications are investigated. Treatment is planned for the identified patient-specific reasons and other accompanying problems. ” he spoke.

Pointing out that surgery is the last step in the fight against obesity, Sönmez completed his words as follows:

“The two basic methods that are generally used for this purpose in the world are tube stomach and gastric bypass surgeries. Non-routine surgical applications should only be performed under experimental conditions. The method that is frequently advertised as ‘Diabetes Surgery’ is one of them. If sugar cannot be controlled by medical treatment, it may benefit from tube stomach or gastric bypass treatment.There is no routinely applicable surgical intervention that is accepted as ‘Diabetes Surgery’ in the world. The most important solution to obesity problem is prevention of obesity. “

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