It is possible to create a more aesthetic appearance by eliminating aesthetic problems in the natural structure of the face or occurring later with minimally invasive procedures or injection techniques. Some of these operations are cheekbone aesthetics, lip augmentation, chin aesthetics or wrinkle treatments for problems around the eyes. The face can be made more aesthetic with the operations that are planned according to the needs of the people.

Aesthetics around the eyes with light filling

The number one reason for dark circles under the eyes is due to the loss of volume in the tear duct. With the light filling, these dimples under the eyes are brought to an equal level and it is ensured that they reflect the light equally. At the same time, the skin’s moisture and oil deficiencies can be eliminated and its quality can be increased and a younger appearance can be given to the face.

Non-surgical cheekbone aesthetics

The cheekbone is one of the most important elements that make the face look younger. Plump and protruding cheekbones have an important function in making the face look young and healthy. Cheekbone protrusion is the most requested type of aesthetic operation by women. Aesthetic problems in the cheekbones can occur from birth or due to aging. For this, hyaluronic acid filler or oil injection material can be used.

Cheek thinning aesthetics: Bichectomy

In aesthetic surgery, excess fat on the cheeks can be removed by bichectomy technique. Cheek liposuction is a minimally invasive technique. And the procedure is carried out from the inside of the mouth, leaving no traces on the cheek. The facial area can become excessively oily over time due to aging or weight gain. With bichectomy, the contour of the face can be reshaped by removing excess fat on the cheek.

Lip filler

With lip augmentation, congenitally thin lips or subsequently lost their shape and flattened lips can be thickened and plumped. Hyaloronic or dermal fillers are injected to give the lips the desired appearance. In addition to being a very short process, the results are immediately visible. Moreover, there is no need for any kind of healing process. Lip augmentation is a painless and painless procedure.

jaw line filler

If the jaw line is unclear, chin shaping can be done with filler injection. It may not be enough to treat only the wrinkles around the eyes and mouth in anti-aging aesthetics. Because over time, the chin and neck also age. The chin line becomes indistinct, and folds appear on the neck. It is possible to treat these problems with Nefertiti botox and filler injections.

Skin rejuvenation aesthetics

With Botox and filler injection, wrinkles and grooves on the skin can be removed. In addition to wrinkle treatment, brow lift aesthetics can also be applied with botox injection technique. In this way, the eyes and face can be made to look younger.

In order to achieve a more aesthetic appearance with personalized minimal aesthetic operations, support can be obtained from aesthetic surgery.

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