Prof. Dr. Tolga Kandoğan made important statements regarding April 16, World Sound Day. Prof. Dr. Stating that the voice can be distorted for various reasons, Kandoğan said, “A healthy voice occurs when the air emanating from the lungs vibrates the vocal cords and this raw sound is shaped by the structures on the vocal cords (tongue, palate, lips, nose, etc.). Sometimes, as a result of improper breathing and improper use of the voice, the sound may be distorted and even reach discomfort for the person.

If the behaviors that endanger the sound health such as talking loudly, talking long, whispering are added to the use of smoking and tobacco products, the person’s voice can be seriously damaged. Reflux is a condition that can impair sound health on its own. If our voice disorder lasts more than 2 weeks, this should be evaluated by an ENT physician. It should not be forgotten that hoarseness may be the first indicator of some serious health problems, ”he said.


Prof. Dr. Kandoğan made the following 7 recommendations for a healthy voice:

“First of all, we should drink plenty of water. Instead of calculating glasses or liters, we should drink enough water to ensure that the color of the water we drink and the color of the urine are the same. The more humid our vocal cords are, the better they work. Second, we should stay away from cigarettes and tobacco products. Apart from being a cause of cancer, the vocal cords exposed to hot smoke and smoke containing many allergens will dry out and begin to form edema and become irregular. This also applies to passive smokers. Thirdly, if you have reflux, you must be treated. In addition, it is useful to stay away from bitter, sour, spicy, sugary foods and drinks that trigger reflux. Fourth, lie down with empty stomach, there should be at least 3 hours between eating and going to bed. My fifth recommendation is that you should try to avoid behaviors that strain your vocal cords, such as shouting, screaming, and crying loudly. Sixth, we inevitably raise our voices to make our voices heard in noisy environments. This can damage the vocal cords in the long run. Finally, some allergy and flu medicines cause dryness in the vocal cords, and if we use such a drug, it is beneficial to increase the amount of water we drink. “

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