Explaining that “spine problems” come first among physical problems, Expert Physiotherapist Leyla Altıntaş said:

“Our spine consists of a total of 33 bones called vertebrae and acts as a bridge connecting our head and legs. Between the vertebrae there are cushions, ligaments and surrounding muscles that we call discs. For this reason, our spine has both a strong and flexible structure. It has a straight structure when viewed from the back, and a curved structure in the neck, back and waist areas when viewed from the side.

These arches are called forward (lordosis) in the neck and waist regions, and backward (kyphosis) in the back area. However, being at the computer for long periods of time can cause these curves to increase or decrease. These biomechanically occurring changes can lead to excessive strain in the muscles or stiffness that we call muscle spasm.

“All these changes manifest as muscle and joint pains,” he said.

Expert Physiotherapist Leyla Altıntaş, explaining the tips of protecting spine health during the pandemic period, said:

1-It is very important for our spine health that we do not stay still. Taking 10-minute breaks every 40 minutes will make a great contribution to our spine health.

2-We can reduce the load on our spine with the simple arrangements we can make while sitting in front of the computer. Some of those; The computer screen should be at eye level, the keyboard and mouse should not require turning left and right, and the arms should be supported on the table.

3-The back support of the chair we are sitting on should not be under the shoulder blades and a lumbar pillow should be used to support the waist space.

We can protect our spine with simple exercises that we can do in 4-days. By pulling our ankles towards ourselves while sitting, we can increase our blood circulation. In the sitting position, we can relax our back muscles by turning our shoulders backwards in circular movements.

5-By tilting our neck slowly to the right and left, we can do stretching exercises on our neck muscles.

6-While standing upright, we can pull our knees towards our abdomen and do stretching exercise on our waist muscles.

7-We can both increase the general blood circulation in our body and support the protection of our spine health by walking outdoors by paying attention to social distance rules.

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