Specialist Physiotherapist Altan Yalım, who noted that some muscle and joint traumas that we cannot detect in the daily routine while doing housework can cause chronic problems over time, underlined that it is necessary to be careful while doing housework in order to protect ourselves from traumas.

Expert Physiotherapist Altan Yalım explained the following about the basic rules to be observed when doing household chores:

1- Wiping the floor is one of the most challenging household chores for both the knee, waist, shoulder and back area. Choosing mats with sticks instead of wiping the floor by bending will be effective in protecting us from these problems.

2-The height of kitchen cabinets and benches puts extreme strain on both our waist and back. It is important that these be adjusted ergonomically.

3-The most common traumas in bathrooms are caused by slips and falls. Using non-slip household shoes and non-slip mats can protect us from these accidents.

4-The greatest danger in placing curtains and wardrobes is falling from the stairs or chairs. It is safest to do these jobs with someone around for maximum attention and safety.

5-Hanging and ironing the laundry is one of the most challenging tasks for the waist and back area. Instead of washing them all at once, a small amount of laundry and ironing daily will protect our spine health.

6-It is extremely difficult for families with babies and small children to shake their knees to put their children to sleep. Instead, cradle or mother laps will be healthier.

7-The layout of the house is changed, although not often, due to seasonal reasons or due to the need for change. Lifting heavy and bulky furniture will be extremely challenging for our waist. Instead, it is healthier to shift or do these things with many people.

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