Assoc. Dr. Çoban said, “We know that in this period 30-35 percent of the society developed myopia, especially due to computer use. It is predicted that by 2050, close to 60 percent of the society will have myopia with the use of information tools, “he said.

Assoc. Dr. Deniz Turgut Çoban stated that habits changed with the coronavirus epidemic and that those who spent the pandemic period at home were intertwined with technological devices such as computers, tablets, televisions and phones, and said that these caused digital eyestrain. Assoc. Dr. Shepherd noted that myopia, which is called near vision disorder, increased due to very close focus. Explaining that 30 to 35 percent of the society developed computer-related visual impairment in the last 1 year, Assoc. Dr. Deniz Turgut Çoban stated that, accordingly, it is predicted that close to 60 percent of the society will have myopia by 2050.


Assoc. Dr. The shepherd explained that normally the eye is far-focused. Stating that people can see far away very well, Assoc. Dr. “Our eyes make a different effort for near vision. When we constantly look closely, our eyes try to focus on the near and reveal the event we call myopia. This is seen as distant vision disorders, “he said.


Stating that technological products are used frequently due to the pandemic, Assoc. Dr. Deniz Turgut Çoban stated that eye disorders increased as a result. Assoc. Dr. Shepherd said, “After the pandemic, there has been an increase in the rate of myopia in the last year. We also observed crossing eyes due to myopia. Always looking closely can cause disorders and strabismus, especially in children’s eyes. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to intermittent work, “he said.


Reminding that children receive 8 hours of education on computers, Assoc. Dr. Deniz Turgut Çoban said, “Since they do not go out often, they play with products such as tablets and phones. What we want from them is to be in an environment where they can look away for 5 minutes in the open air after half an hour or an hour of work. We especially want them to spend their free time in open and large environments, “he said.


Suggesting to spend time outdoors for eye health, Assoc. Dr. Çoban said, “Daylight has a protective effect that prevents myopia and eye disorders. If you are not in a narrow area, it allows you to focus your eyes 20 meters away, pulls us closer and relaxes our eye muscles. It also prevents the development of myopia, we recommend it especially in the treatment of myopia, “he said.

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